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That’s a wrap!


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So ends the most peculiar season of WSCC racing since 1952. Despite these unusual challenges this series remained profitable and incredibly successful. 

4 Time Attack Events & 6 track days that saw near record numbers of first time registrants at Gimli Motorsports Park.

Thank you to our devoted team of track workers, and officials that facilitate this unique opportunity that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

To the 8 sponsors who boosted our season and provided us some working capital to make our events more exciting, donate to the resurfacing of our beloved home track, contributed to our ongoing leasehold improvements & provided our competitors and staff accommodations.

Autumnwood Hotel
CGS Sales & Leasing
Great Rides
Di-Tech Restoration
Birds Hill Hydro Excavating
Khinda Team Realty
Platinum Auto Sales
Armatas Painting and Decorating  

To the racers who attend our events, bring new faces to the track, take ride alongs, and promote our brand on social media and in real life...THANK YOU.

The WSCC is a group of 300 people who share a passion for Motorsport. As was demonstrated this weekend at GMP sportsmanship above all else. These relationships and memories will last a lifetime.

2021 is right around the corner. So begins the next stages of the GMP re-surfacing project and overall revival of the facility. The vibe is strong. The membership has bought in. The collective engagement to move forward is undeniable. Here’s to a prosperous 2021.


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Right on Mat. I have been coming up to this track since 1976. Ive watched my Dad (and my mom!) race here and watched his return, the first time back in over 20 years. My cousin (also raced karts here early 80’s!) came up and was energized to the point he bought a race car and will be joining us next year (Dason will be happy lol). I have raced myself at all ends of this wonderful place, drag raced, kart raced (when the kart track was was at the north end and it’s current south locale) and road raced, and even made some laps on the MX track. I’ve got vivid memories from the early days of the Atlantic races, Players 100 and IKF championships ...and even a couple pit-passes and a T-shirt. like others here, I can say your words echo our thoughts. It’s a super weird year, but the People made it great. This facility is the only one in Canada like it - and it’s because of the people - so thank you!

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