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2020 Event 7 & 8


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Special thanks to the following people for allowing me to have a great time on Sunday: 

  • Event organizers who overcame numerous obstacles to make this happen
  • Volunteers who jumped in to lend a hand in any way they could
  • Timing & scoring & registration newbies who did an awesome job with limited training
  • The newcomers who could easily be identified by their smiles
  • My co-driver who put up with my antics throughout the event
  • CAA for the quick response in getting my broken car on their tow truck and off for repairs

Here's a photo of Sunday's grid.  I think we set a record.  Hope to see everyone again next week.

St. Andrews Grid.JPG

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2 views of my fastest run from Saturday

Curtis 2nd run Sunday (not his fastest) 

My first and fastest clean from Sunday 

And this was my fastest raw time Sunday but just couldn't quite get through that second chute clean for some reason the audio cut out just after I hit the pylons........

Great weekend as always! 

What happened to the Focus Brian? 

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Here is my fastest from Saturday:


Jordan's fastest:


Sunday Event:

I managed to shave off 1.1 seconds on my fun run. Here's a comparison video. Left side is offical run. Right side is the fun run. I did hit a few cones i think.


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