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2020 WSCC Annual Membership Renewal

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Hello WSCC members and future members,
Here is the event registration guide especially for those who wants to join the club! To get you started in the 2020 season, you will need to:

1. Renew or secure a WSCC membership for 2020 via MotorsportReg membership purchase/renewal link

New member will first need a MotorsportReg account, follow the instruction to purchase annual membership after logging into your account.

*** It takes up to 48 hours to activate your membership status after payment.

2. Reserve a permanent number for the 2020 season

If you would like to reserve a permanent number for the season, head over to the 2020 Autocross permanent number reservation and select or renew your number. 

3. All done! You are now ready to register for WSCC Autoslalom events! You can visit the website wscc.motorsportreg.com to view the calendar and sign up for future events. Most events will be ready to register 2 weeks ahead. 

Feel free to ask questions related to registration in this thread, PM me, or contact autoslalom.reg@gmail.com 

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