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2019 Awards

David Klassen

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Annual Awards 2019
Metro Motors Drivng Skills Derrick Pelletier
Rookie of the Year Mia Schellekens
Driving Champion Clint Sharples
Long Service Gloria Gordienko
Worker of the Year Jeff Bergen
Baler Award (Lawn Maintenance) Clint Sharples
Best Engineered Dan Barry
Garbage Can George Abramson
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My point is that if we post RR awards alone in a general forum it can be perceived as favouritism. This is something we’ve been trying to mitigate for years. 

If we are going to release a list of awards on a general forum it should be complete or under that disciplines heading.

I was only involved with the selection of the above awards and not of other disciplines. I would seek those from the Autoslalom, Time Attack and Ice Race Directors.

Edited by Mat
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