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Spring Drive 2020?

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Haha actually we didn't take any. It was pretty cloudy, drizzly and cold so we kept the stops to a minimum. We were going to stop at the generating station/falls at Seven Sisters, but the road leading in was messy mud road, so we skipped it. And at West Hawk, we all parked all over the place.

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That was a fun drive @Brian_Earl_Spilner, thanks for arranging it. The Jeep is no sports car but it still is fun to hustle around. Great meeting @David Klassen as well. Lunch as always was good. Not sure how the other restaurants on that corner stay open. 

And @Jim Eh. the more than half a tank I drained is proof it happened. lol ...Track mode in an SUV....who knew it could be fun and keep a BMW at bay! 

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