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As requested - Volunteer's view of a proposal

Jim Eh.

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I work nights so I’m available during the days to help build these...I like the design tho...station 4 (one of my favourite places to marshal) seems to always be in the path of destruction...whether it’s the weather lol or the occasional race car coming for a visit...I was lucky last year to be out of the weather but I’m looking forward to a new station there and I’ll bang nails or cut wood to help see that as a reality!

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I appreciate what you guys are doing and it looks like we'll have lots of time to do it.  I'm a long way from being able to guess when we can get close enough to one another to actually build them but we can certainly get ready.  I'm currently operating from a wild guess that we won't be free to race until later on this summer but it would be nice to have a couple of these up and ready to go when that time comes.  Stations 1 and 4 currently have no shelters at all so we might think about starting with those two and hold off on the other two until we see what the budget looks like when we know how many weekends we'll have for revenue.  Corner 1, if we do one there, it would need to be towable as that is drag racer turf and it would only be safe if we could haul it back to our end after the weekend was over.  If you come up with cost estimates let me know so I can work it into our financial plans.


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Wow...the new stand at station 4 is SPECTACULAR!!! After some final adjustments (thanks Stu!) we have it in a location that Scott is also in agreement with lol! I expect that this one will be able to survive any thing Mother Nature can throw at it...and it’s far enough off the race line and far enough back from the barrier that it shouldn’t be an issue for drivers...hopefully there will be enough time to have a couple more of these put in place this year...but I understand how much time it takes to make these as I volunteer too!

Thanks again to all that made this possible.

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