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Rare Snake

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Hey All,

Thanks for making the trip out today! It was feeling a bit chilly by the end of the day, but the racing was intense!! 

I am always a bit freaked out on the morning of any event, I never know who is going to be there until right before we start. But I cannot tell you enough how relieved I am when I start seeing the familiar cars rolling in, just like you did again this morning. From the little grey Civic to the big brown van, and everything in between, I am thrilled to see you come join us for the day. We had a really good turnout, and we even had people doubled up in  most places, which is awesome! 

I'm going to try to figure out a way to maybe get an early sign up of some sort rolled out, so that I can get a better idea of how many of you might be coming out for the day. But I need to start with finding you the best way through my keyboard. I could start a list here on the Forum before an event, or I've been told there is a possibility of signing up on MSR in a Volunteer section, like the racers do. I believe this has been done before. Any thoughts or opinions on this? Please post up and I will do my best to figure something out that works easily for all of us. Then maybe I can get some sleep the night before, and you guys won't have to see me hurt myself doing backflips in the pit area because I'm so happy to see you on the morning of the event.

You guys are awesome, and I have a hard time thanking you enough for the hours that you all put in at every event. Especially when it's out on a frozen lake somewhere, and the wind keeps biting you in the face.





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Dason, thank you for being who you are.  You've already made a positive change in the volunteer world. I am so happy you said "Yes!" when I asked you to consider this new position.

And to start your list for the Gimli weekend coming up March 7 & 8, I'll be there both days.  Others can sign on here to make Dason's night-before-the-event sleep more peaceful.


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Scott all your kind words are mirrored by the rest of us, and even back at you.  Thanks for spending your birthday standing in the cold to make weekends like this happen.

Thank you Dason, We really appreciate all you have done, and everyone that has been out to support ice race this year.  Ice Race runs on volunteer fuel, this year we have been burning  premium.  Sometimes the group is small, but the quality is always there.



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