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I purchased a(nother) Honda Element.  I'm starting to think I may need a 12-Step Program.

It is currently in Gimli and is un-driveable due to a blown head gasket and won't start due to battery/starter(?) issue.  I'm looking for help in transporting it to my home in the northern end of Winnipeg.  It would need to be on a trailer or flatbed as it is AWD and I'm guessing a winch would be handy to load it.

Any offers of assistance or recommendations would be greatly welcomed.  I am willing to offer financial compensation (for assistance, merely thanks for recommendations).



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One of our most active club members is Randy Morash. He moves disabled vehicles for a living. That means not only that it won't be for free, but also that he is very good at it, and has the right equipment on hand - many of our club members have used his services. Call him at (204) 482-0808. He is a very reasonable person, and I am sure that, if you let him operate on a schedule that fits best for him, he will reward you with a competitive rate.

( For disclosure: I am not in any way, shape or form related to Randy's Towing, just know him for quite a few years and know that he is good at what he is doing. There are certainly other towing companies and individuals who can help you, who might be cheaper or just as good, but Randy pops into my mind, for good reasons).

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