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Camper needed!

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Hi all! 

So as my 30th Birthday has rolled around (party at our trailer friday) my mum and her friend have come and surprised me by flying in from England! 

They are coming to Gimli with us for this event... but I need to sort sleep arrangements! Does anybody have or know anyone fairly local to Gimli that has a RV/ trailer tent or at a last ditch a tent (we are due rain so would rather not, but beggars cant be choosers) that we could borrow for beer money or rent for Friday and Saturday night? 


I know theres plenty of places in Winipeg that we can rent from, but with George towing the truck and my car not having a hitch he would have to run anything back before coming back to load the trailer up. What with a 10 hour journey home already I'd rather not have him add another 4 hours round trip to that... 

See you all at the weekend! 


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