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WSCC Ice Race Event 2 - CPTC Beausejour. UPDATE (Additional Parking and Viewing Area)

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WHAT: WSCC Ice Race Event 2

WHERE: Beausejour, MB on the Canadian Power Toboggan Championship “CPTC” one half mile ice oval. 

WHEN: January 19-20, 2019.   Lapping on Saturday, Racing (Studded and Rubber classes) on Sunday.   Schedule for each day will be posted below.


Registration is open on MSR until 23:59 January 18, 2019.



CPTC is located South East of Beausejour, on provincial road 302, one mile South of hwy 44.  For directions to the facility from where you’re at, Google "CPTC Beausejour", or click the link below.



Go to https://cptcracing.com/venue/facility-information/ Scroll down and you will see a map of the facility. You will enter through the gate on Pescitelli Road/Mile 77N. Participants and spectators will then drive through the pit entrance which is labelled #9 on the map.  Racers, crew and officials shall park on the East side of the pit area, near track entry, all other vehicles park inside the pit area on the West side.  Park appropriately and do not block access to the track entry, or East side of the pit area.  The pit washroom is building #5, and will be open for racers, crew and spectators.

Do not enter the facility through trackside parking entrance #20, or park in sections 17, 18, “Trackside Parking”.  There is a kids racing event using this section of the facility and small track.  This area is not part of the WSCC weekend.

“Trackside Parking”, sections 17, 18, are now available for this event, entrance #20.   Kids racing, scheduled for this section of the facility has been cancelled due to weather.

Buildings 7 and 8 are heated and will be available for spectator viewing. Accommodation for 100 guests.

Timing / Scoring and Race Control will be in the heated lap counters booth at the top of the grandstand, #16.


Dress appropriately.  "Extreme cold wind chill values for central and southern Manitoba (-35 to -45) are expected from Friday overnight/morning until Sunday afternoon (January 18 – 20, 2019)"


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Information Update
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This is a sweeeet venue. Good work on this Steve. 

Makes a guy want to scheme to show up and race without the wife knowing.

Oh, will you look at who is looking over my shoulder, "Hi Pat, how are you?", "No, not me honey, I was talking about Bill" 


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Saturday Schedule:
* No lunch break today so bring a sandwich or eat before you come out.
**All  track users must be WSCC members, $60 TNT/Lapping fee paid to registration via cash or cheque with entry form, or prepay at MotorSportsReg.com. Bring a printed copy of the Event Receipt if registering online.  $10 daily memberships if you are not an annual member (payable with your entry fee at the track).
Laps only, no qualifying sessions.

10:00 workers meeting
10:15 driver's meeting

- Driver’s will need to know where to stage
- Track Direction
- Track Exit
- Hot pit if it exists
- Reminder track is hot at 10:30.  Be ready.
Lapping schedule:  
10:30 to 15:30
15 mins  Studded
15 mins  RTI and Street Cars
15 mins  Studded
15 mins  RTI and Street Cars
Repeat until 15:30, break midday for plowing if required.

If there are no studded cars running, then organizers may skip that group and rotate through other groups that are good to go.

15:30 - track is shut down for the day and we thank the Volunteers for their hard work. Sooner if there is no cars left.



Sunday Schedule:
09:30 - worker meeting
09:45 - driver meeting Red Trailer (make sure you are here)

10:00 Practice and Track is Hot
Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins
Studded practice 15 mins
Rubber practice 15 mins
11:00 LUNCH  
12:00pm NOON (12 mins Rubber, 8 to 10 mins Studded)  
Studded Race 1
Rubber Race 1
Studded Race 2
Rubber Race 2
Studded Race 3
Rubber Race 3
Ballet of the Plow (if required)
Studded Race 4
Rubber Race 4
Studded Race 5
Rubber Race 5
Studded Race 6
Rubber Race 6
16:00 Finish (approx) Track is closed.


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33 minutes ago, BigKahuna said:

Someone should tell that guy driving the 80 car that the outside of the oval is alot longer around than the inside !! :p


You should speak with him. I think he's more about posing for photos and video.

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