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The Almighty list of Time Attack links for 2022


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Hey guys and gals! To make things easier for all of us we thought we would start a page full of every link you'll ever need. We'll do our best to update links as the become available. Enjoy!


 solosport General competition rules (pending 2022 revisions)

http://solosportcanada.ve1hul.ca/files/2022 National Solosport-GCR-EN.pdf


Time Attack rules and regulations 



WSCC online membership

WSCC Annual Membership - 2022 (motorsportreg.com)


WCMA Solosport licensing

WCMA 2022 Time Attack License (motorsportreg.com)


WCMA Time Attack number registry

WCMA 2022 Car Classing & Number Reservation (motorsportreg.com)


Time Attack self tech form (must be filled out and brought to registry every race weekend)



Car Classing Website



WSCC Time attack Supplementary rules

Time Attack Supplementary Regulations V 2.4.docx



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