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  1. Any chance you can swap out the yellow? It's very difficult to read the text inside that color!
  2. Many variables.. front wheel drive? rear wheel drive? AWD? weight of the car? alignment? track conditions?.... as you can see the answer can get interesting.. for example I drive an MX-5 weighing 2300 lbs, with max camber dialed in and my ideal pressure is 28 psi all 4 corners to start and that might get changed a psi or two depending on track conditions that day... My advice, experiment, the best way to do that is attend every event and practice practice practice...
  3. I just saw this.... just renewed my WSCC membership today and wanted to register for May 31 but it won't allow me to checkout as a member (i assume pending). I could possibly register as a non-member and pay $10.00 more.... can I get a credit or is there an alternative option?
  4. Hi Mark, thanks for doing this Karl Schnablegger 1610 #27
  5. Okay.. thanks.... Arrive with full fuel tank! GOT IT
  6. so what's that, one lap, two laps, 20000000 laps? How long are the laps? Where and when are the offered? any pre-event requirements Details needed... thanks
  7. I see in the Full Year membership that there is a day of Hot Laps at Gimli included, in detail, what do you get for that?
  8. Time for new Helmet... where would be the best place to shop for this?
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