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  1. what did you use to cut the slits? How accurate is your plasma cutter. i've never used one.
  2. redonkulous!Keep up the great work. The fabrication looks awesome
  3. hahahahaha thanks Corey. that was the video. even funnier than i remembered it
  4. Two of the greatest car racing videos i have ever watched.British drifting video: Some of the incar shots are insane.http://vimeo.com/1463474Subaru GC impreza with an amazing british driverhttp://vimeo.com/1975245New style STi in turkey for WRChttp://vimeo.com/1186635ALSO does anyone remember a WRC video with I think Marcus Groenholm driving maybe for mitsubishi where he drives over a rock or tree. I pierces the cabin an jabs the co driver in the backside?I can't find it anywhere, no know how to search for it. That video was hilarious though.
  5. thanks steve. i would be bsp unless it changes.How does stx/stu compare to bsp?
  6. i have no idea where i would fit into the new classing.turbo back exhaust, electronic boost adjustment,front camber plates, front strut bar, lowering springsrear strut bar, rear sway bar and endlinksaftermarket brake pads and SS lines, 255 width street tires.Also have front strut bar to install.What class would i be in.
  7. funny built ford tuff commercial with foofy coffee drinks.http://www.bftrules.com/?bannerid=405679|22106566|166344239|23999783
  8. subaru vs supra into the 9's.jeepers thats fast!http://www.subie.tv/index.php/video/sti_vs_supra_9_sec_battle/Here is Colin McCrash twice in two yearshttp://www.subie.tv/index.php/video/colin_mcrae_rolls_his_subaru_against_ken_block_in_x_games_13_rally_semi_fin/http://www.subie.tv/index.php/video/colin_mcrae_tribute_rip/There are some amazing clips in the last video above. Amazing man Colin was.
  9. Would anyone like to talk a trip around the 16th of nov down to fargo/moorehead?If anyone has freetime around then i will pay for your fuel the way down and give you some for the return trip.I will need a one way ride. But don't know the specific date just yet.
  10. I always wondered about this.If someone picks up someone else's items and brings them across, who pays for the duty, taxes etc? Or do you sneak it across?
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