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  1. Going through some old e-mail. Years ago I was asked if I was interested in making a YouTube commercial for autocross. Unfortunately nothing came to fruition and I am no longer in a position to race let alone help out, but here are my idea's if someone wants to complete this project. I will take 50% of your future earnings because this project will kick start your career. 1. Mocumentary of NOTT Autocorp's Milt Steagal's video. - - average physique person working out shirtless - cars driving on the same roads as video - line up of cars ready to autocross
  2. Here is a crazy idea. Have an event for free. Kind of like a test and tune. All the regulars would be working the course, performing safety inspections, getting drivers setup, riding along, capturing racing footage. Like a good drug dealer, first hit is free.
  3. I am going to be giving up my #78 since I will not be renewing my membership for the foreseeable future. If someone wants my racing number 78, you can have my two large magnets for free! See attachment for picture reference. If interested please text me 204-510-5893
  4. Think with drifting being so popular afraid they will jump up in price.
  5. I didn't know the Matrix was legal to race, to me it looks too top heavy. They also made a XRS version of the Corolla too! Question for the RHD owners. How hard is it finding parts? That is my biggest issue holding me back.
  6. That's a wicked foot camera, a little hard to see the course layout however.
  7. Damn Shawn that's some nice driving. A+ montage material right here!
  8. What kind of car do you have? Maybe we can find some YouTube videos and post them on here for you.
  9. Any advice on a place that does a good alignment for cheap? Looking for a sale I guess for my parent's beater.
  10. I got Winnipeg Honda to do my S2000. I went there because they have a machine that doesn't mount to your rim so therefore less chance for damaging your wheels. The machine is also friendly to lowered cars.
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