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  1. The inspectors have come into Speedworld every week for 6 weeks now and they have not done a head count even once, all they seem to care about it people keeping distance from one another and wearing of the masks. So far they have been quite happy with us
  2. I would really like to know how I did in the Championship
  3. The courses from these events were great. I loved the flow back and forth and Sunday's in particular was awesome. I hope we have more like them.
  4. BTW Chris Magne, I was hugely impressed with your driving and your car. I used to sell cars and the first car I sold was a DOHC Neon and they were always fun on test drives but I didn't know how good they could be until I saw yours scoot around the course.
  5. I asked a question but have since found the answer
  6. Briget has started a mask making business and they are really high quality, 3 layers with a pocket for an additional filter. Check out her website Mask Appeal I'll bring a selection of them this weekend for sale.
  7. Starting Friday, May 22nd groups of up to 50 can gather outdoors so let's start our racing season. Global News Report
  8. We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, including limiting the number of people in the building to 25, putting up plexiglass barriers between staff and customers, disinfecting hard surfaces like steering wheels between races and even letting groups have the building to themselves with no other customers present. I don't want to be overly dramatic here but small businesses like Speedworld will disappear if they aren't supported.
  9. Thanks Claudio, that's what I was looking for
  10. When I started autocross in 1994 or so, there was a points based classing system. Does anybody have a copy of it kicking around?
  11. Same car. My mistake was updating my SCCA account and assuming Briget updated hers. Here is full report on our week. Ok, I am finally back home and can give a full report. As some of you know, I have felt that I had an odd year curse. Things just went wrong on odd numbered years. This year we kicked the curse. All year the car has gone well with great power and predictable handling. On the test track, I tested out a new tune that was supposed to result in increased engine braking. The car seemed to fall flat at times so I assumed it was the tune and immediately changed it. This did not re
  12. I hated stop boxes, let's not go back to those. There was not a lot of space between the stop lights and where the stop worker was standing. I had to get on the brakes so hard that my splitter dragged on the ground. I found both courses to be very, very difficult to read and looking ahead didn't seem to help because it was a sea of cones. I couldn't see the entrance to some of the elements until I was up on them. The car felt good, though
  13. The Saturday event was no fun for me but on Sunday I decided to just embrace my dead tires and drive it like it was a rain event. I turned the power down as far as I could and tried to be smooth and precise. It paid off, I was much quicker and actually had a lot of fun (and was reminded that being too aggressive is not the fast way around an autocross course). And if you watch the video, you'll find out why I had no grip
  14. I have a suggestion. I have been autocrossing with this club since 1994 or so and have always assumed that 4 runs is the standard. But, we competed with Nebraska region and they do 5 runs per driver (125 drivers at event) and we raced with Badlands Region and they did 8 runs per driver (split up, group A does 4 runs, then group B does 4 runs, then group A does another 4 runs then group B does another 4 runs) with 75 drivers. Why can't we do 5 or even 6 runs? Sure, the day will run a little longer but we will all get more bang for the buck and there will be no need for fun runs after.
  15. I had a smokie dog and it was terrible. The bun was dry and the smokie was either overcooked or just poor quality. The course had some interesting elements and I liked it better than the event #2's course but not as much as event #1's course. Corey and I are going to be the fastest cars out there but even we didn't get up to very high speeds. My top speed was probably only 90 km/h. Check out how close I get to a wall of cones in this video
  16. I had a smokie dog with cheese and their home made bbq sauce and thought it was much tastier than the smokie dogs we've had from Tiki. I'm not into relish or onions so I didn't even realize they didn't have those things. Here's my video from the event. BTW-I watched an Autosport video today and they were talking about the Formula 1 cars having a tough time getting heat in the tires at places like Monaco because rapid back and forth turns don't put energy into tires but long sustained turns like Barcelona do. The course from yesterday had many, many rapid back and forths and I couldn't get any
  17. I think that whenever you run a car that you need to constantly mess with to get the most out of them, it seriously hurts your driving abilities. There is only so much input your brain can take of half your brain is filled with thoughts like "it's understeering, should I soften front sway bar or raise rear roll center?" then there is precious little left over for things like "gotta backside this cone so I can set up for the sweeper that follows". Once we get our cars in that magical zone where they just work no matter what the temp or track conditions, we can start working on being great driv
  18. Did Wayne Chin use #99 at all last year? Can I get it this year? My membership is #1598
  19. No, I put in my volunteer time with the WSCC and autocrossing already. A week ago I sent a dm to the person who did it last year and they said they weren't doing it but that somebody should be doing it soon. I just kickstarted the thread
  20. Mark Sawatsky-member #1598 and I want #99 for the car
  21. Oh, the autoslalom is only Friday? I may have school that day, dammit. My car is geared for 215 km/h, which is would certainly reach, but my brakes are tiny so there's lots of lift and coast
  22. I see that the first event is listed as a track day/autoslalom but I can't find any info on the autoslalom portion of the weekend and the person in charge is not responding to my e-mail. Does anybody have info on this event on May 3-5?
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