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  1. Oh yeah! My bad Helix, it was #61 Thanks for catching that
  2. Some replies, from the perspective of a casual/novice. Create a promotional video highlighting the action and excitement of the sport. Could include some testimonials from certain photogenic members (leaves me out). Post individual videos and any other commentary that would help identify new members. Sort of a "get to know each other" kind of thing. Post the point standings on a more frequent basis to encourage not only competiveness, but to minimize the laissez-faire attitude of "what's the point of coming out". Instead, wouldn't it be nice if it resulted in the " holy crap! ...if I attend the next 3 events, I could actually win this thing!!" Since 2017 the social media presence has gotten a LOT better. Photo and video content is limited to what people submit or what the account-runner has time to create, but there's a clear effort to put as much content out there as possible, and the aesthetic of the Winnipeg Autoslalom socials is tight. I'm mostly on Instagram but I did check Facebook as well and it's well maintained too, good job. The frequent Instagram updates have definitely played a part in motivating me to get back into it. Offer promotional items, such as T-shirts, ball caps, at each event to novices and spectators to help spread the word that AutoSlalom is alive and well. I love the gear, and I saw a lot of people wearing the shirts and rocking the stickers. Don't forget to bring them to the event though! I definitely would have bought a sticker. Encourage spectators by providing bleachers or maybe a sheltered area (tent) near the start/finish area. Agreed. The current location doesn't lend itself to casual spectators, on a couple of levels. The unfortunate reality is that "perimeteritis" is a real thing in Winnipeg, and even though St Andrews Airport is barely outside the city, it's far enough that it dissuades at least some people from just heading over on a whim to see what's going on. It "feels" far, even though a lot of people will put more miles on just cruising up and down Portage. The other part of it is that while spectating is allowed, there's no real accomodation for it. I'm willing to go stand out in the sun and watch for tipped cones because it supports the event, but is that fun for someone who is just there to watch? Less so. Watching from the grid is OK, but at the moment it's still very much a "find somewhere that works" situation. Consider reducing the number of events over the season so as to consolidate the entry levels to a more sustainable number. Maybe 30 - 40 per event. I can only speak for myself, but having many events throughout the season makes it a lot easier to find a day that 1. my car works 2. I can spare the whole day 3. the weather is good. More frequent events = more accessibility.
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