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  1. Hello. I'd like to take the time to thank anyone who has generously donated to the go fund me app for My father Bob Zimmerman after his tragic loss of his beloved workshop and outbuilding of parts storage on Nov. 6 ,2020 . He lost a lot that cant be replacced now and unfortunately wasn't able to afford enough insurance to cover everything . . If you can help please do . Also I'd like to ask and encourage anyone in the wscc who has a story to share about my father Bob Zimmerman to do so . Please share anything about his skills , knowlege ,generosity or interesting experiences with him , anything you can share about his always helpful to others nature in the past would be appreciated! I'd hope to show to anyone who didnt know him that this is a man who is never greedy always puts everyone else first and most would agree did not deserve this tragic event to happen to him . Please help him in anyways that you can during this difficult time for him . The Zimmerman family is truly appreciative of any help that you can manage even if it is very little or just kind words . Lets all cime together to help get him a shop to play in and continue work his magic in his retirement years. If he can't do what he loves to do in a garage every day ..it will truly leave him in an sad state and I don't wish that fate on/or for any racer or car guy ever in anytime in their life especially after he's been so helpful to so many for so little in return all his life ! Thank you sincerely ,Colin Zimmerman .
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