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  1. Link doesn't work as of today. Can I still get a 2022 membership? Nevermind. Figured it out.
  2. Thanks for all the feedback from everyone, much appreciated. I went through the classification on the CASC website, my car starts at a 48.9, (T3) but -5 as I've got 400 tw street tires. So currently a 43.9. So this leaves me with 6 points to incur while staying at T3, as T2 starts at 50 PIPs. Correct? (let the online shopping commence) One fun thing I noticed: the car with the worst (best?) PIP rating is an 1985 Chevy Chevette. It has a score of 7, leaving 43 (!!) points to be had. You could check every box and still be T3. :-) Gonna start looking for an LS swapped Chevette...
  3. So, trying to further understand how PAX and PIPs work. For the sake of argument, lets say I’m currently classed T2. Do I understand correctly that 5 PIPs would bump me to T1? What if I take between 1 and 4? Does that still effect my PAX multiplier even if I remain in the same class? Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Darin. We'll see what the money tree looks like after christmas!
  5. Still mulling that one over. I think I'll at least volunteer and do some fun runs at the end of the day. The fun runs were the most fun part of the day last time, as I could take my son with me.
  6. Hey everyone. As I'm likely to spend too much time over the winter on Amazon, Tire Rack, Monkeywrench racing etc., I thought I'd pose a general question for anyone who want's to jump in: In general, what's the most PAX friendly mods out there? In other words, what's the best bang for your buck mods, without incurring PAX penalties? So far as I can tell, the following mods would not incur any PIPS penalties, but please tell me if I'm wrong: lighter wheels, 250tw tires, lighter flywheel, a cold air intake (but leave the manifold alone), and any exhaust mods downstream of the catalytic converter. And what about brakes? I didn't see anything about upgraded brakes on the PIPs schedule, but that didn't seem right. Did I miss something? Anyway, thanks guys. Already looking forward to next year.
  7. Consider me an outreached and engaged newbie. Awesome school and thanks to all.
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