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  1. I work for a company in the petroleum field and we have known about this in the works since 2019. This is what Mb has for ethanol requirements. Effective Jan. 1, 2021, the amount of ethanol required in gasoline will increase to 9.25% from 8.5%. In the following year, on Jan 1, 2022 the requirement will grow to 10% On Jan 1, 2021, The biodiesel requirement will increase to 3.5 % from 2% This will rise to 5% the following year, on Jan. 1, 2022 this is the new standard for our fuels going forward in MB. If co-op doesn't have ethanol in their fuel then it might be because it is brought in from sk and they do not have that requirement yet. but from what we were told all fuel sold here will have some ethanol or biofuel component going forward.
  2. I run the same type of car (06 civic si). You can run oem brakes at autocross and never had brake fade. As @justkickinsaid there is not enough braking for you to require them. I used the Hawk hps this past weekend at HPDE and didnt have any fade till the last 2 laps. If you plan on tracking the car get 2 sets of pads and rotors and swap out. Autocross is basically a hard brake on the street, you do not go over 100km/hr. Hard braking is minimal. I would recommend a pad like hp+ and see how they are for your driving. They can handle track days. If you do plan on doing more tracking then you can always go to the harder pads. The other thing you should change out if your brake fluid if you are going to the track. Look at a dot4 min, most do motul rbf660.
  3. Tracked the rt660 this weekend and they seem to handle well. I Put on 225/45/17 on my factory civic si rims and they look like a tight fit. No issues with rubbing. I am excited to see how they are on the autocross track this weekend if we are allowed to run. So far I am very happy with the performance for the price.
  4. This season it seems quite a few myself included are trying the Falken rt660. Only thing negitive is the tire sizing is typically larger then the bridgestone re71r. for example a 225 runs more like a 235-245 tire width. This is because of a redesign of their sidewall. It comes down to what you want more, tire life or more grip.
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