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  1. Thanks for sharing Derrick. You had me on the edge of my seat! Congrats on the win!
  2. I second going to Saturn over PA. The pros shop at Saturn and if they don’t sell what you want they can custom make it. They have a huge shop.
  3. For those who have used these before, how many did you go thru in a season?
  4. Sorry to hear of the injury Jordan. My best wishes for a quick recovery.
  5. Although I'm not a current racer; I am a past racer and will be a future competitor in my civic hopefully in 2017. I agree with the tire restrictions suggested. I am cheap and slow so reducing cost by restricting the super fancy go faster parts is good with me too since I don't buy them anyways. I am looking forward to racing in a pack again, I raced a lot with a 4 car class in the old IT2 class and it's basically racing by yourself after 2 laps. Separating the civics in to a spec class and leaving a handful of non civics in PTE sounds like less door to door action to me. My most memorable races are with cars that are not Civics.
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