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  1. Here is my fastest from Saturday: Jordan's fastest: Sunday Event: I managed to shave off 1.1 seconds on my fun run. Here's a comparison video. Left side is offical run. Right side is the fun run. I did hit a few cones i think.
  2. Here's my best from Saturday I had problems with Gopro Sunday. It only recorded my 1st and 3rd run . Here is my 3rd run from Sunday. I hit both pivot cones this run lol.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/WinnipegAutoslalom/photos/a.556074921082387/3128851850471335/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal
  4. Thanks Chris. My next car for sure is going to be RWD. I'm thinking about an ND Miata or S2000.
  5. Here's my best run. I had a blast driving the Miata. Fun car.
  6. Thanks Corey, I thought the mirror attached would be fine, but after watching the footage not so much.
  7. Here are my best runs Saturday: Sunday:
  8. Jason Tran Member# 7118 Renewing 29 please Thanks Helix
  9. Here's my fastest run for the day. 56.110 Here's Rob's fastest clean run. 56.152 Rob's fastest dirty run. 55.633 +2
  10. lol, didnt even notice the thumbnail for the third video facing towards the field.
  11. Thanks Helix. Seeing the digital speedometer is great, too bad that its only visible during cloudy/raining weather. Sunny days would cause the view of the track to be overexposed if I focused on the speedometer.
  12. Here's my run. Daiten's run And a bonus clip of Daiten spinning out on his first run
  13. Very fun in the rain. Here's my fastest from yesterday.
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