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  1. Louis Martin #7155 Renewing race number 28 Thanks Helix! I've just renewed my WSCC membership as well.
  2. I went to Speed Factor last year for an alignment. No complaints. Vickar Nissan on Regent is another option. I believe they are lowered car friendly and can do alignments based on custom specs as well.
  3. I think you could just about say that anything with a transverse mounted powerplant is not going to fit into the "fun" category as described in the original post. Of course there will be a few exceptions to this (the Focus RS being the obvious one) that will compensate with the ability to provide significant rear bias in certain situations. BMW xDrive is a great (generally rear biased) system in all of their longitudinally mounted platforms. A family member of mine owned an E90 328i xDrive for 130,000 km and did not have a single drivetrain related issue. However, as noted above if issues
  4. Hello All, I apologize in advance for my noob level here but as I have just registered for my first event ever, I'm hoping someone can confirm that I have elected to enter my vehicle into the appropriate class. I have chosen STX as I believe it is the correct class for my 2017 Toyota 86 with its current modifications. These modifications include: - Enkei RPF1 Wheels (17x9 +35) - Bridgestone RE-71R Tires (245/40R17) - TRD Lowering Springs - SPC Camber Bolts (front) - TRD Catback Exhaust - Berk Front Pipe w/HFC (catalytic converter is in the same position as th
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