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  1. So I did some digging and found my grandfather's wscc emblem. This was from when he had a triumph TR3 in the late 50s or early 60s. Does anyone else own or know anything about these emblems?
  2. Sunday: the rain hurt my feelings Saturday: great end to the season. Huge thanks to Chris for letting me co drive the s2k.
  3. Personally, the more seat time I can get the better. I'm secretly very competitive so any extra second I can get behind the wheel allows me to get one second more of experience to try and close the gap between myself and the experienced drivers. However I totally understand why its important to put more emphasis into each individual run.
  4. If we put 2 90 degree turns right before the spot where you get your time and treat it like the starting box where cones still count I doubt anyone would be going very quick entering the pit area. This would probably only work in Gimli though.
  5. Willing to help wherever needed.
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