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  1. That's great! Thanks for the clarification, Chris. Admittedly, I haven't looked into mods in a long time.
  2. I have a general car classing question. In the past, different classes had a varying number of modification points allowed, with each modification "costing" a specific number of points. Looking through the 2021 SCCA Solo Rule Book, that no longer seems to be the case, unless I missed a section. Am I correct in my understanding that I can now make ALL of the authorized modifications in a specific class? I'm no longer having to decide where to spend my points? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for putting this together! I definitely enjoyed it
  4. Nick Hybschmann #1447 Renewing car #17, please, and thank you!
  5. There's a peaceful rally taking place on Saturday at the Leg. that some folks on here may be interested in attending. I am not planning to be there, though I don't necessarily disagree with them. 'A right of democracy': anti-lockdown rally planned for Winnipeg
  6. Nicely done, Brian. The music in the first one was perfect for the Subie pirouette at 0:49!
  7. I have confirmed that the fundraiser event will be in Thunder Bay. The Terrace Bay event is also an option. It is 4 events over 2 days. July 25 & 26, 2020. A little further to travel but certainly more seat time.
  8. I know they have events at the hospital lot as well as a second lot in Thunder Bay. They also have a full weekend event in Terrace Bay (4 events) but I don't believe that is the fundraiser. I'm getting more details and will post as I receive them.
  9. Hi all, I started Autocrossing when I lived in Thunder Bay back in the late '80's and am still in touch with some of the guys out there. They're wondering if there would be any interest in a group of us attending their fund-raising event for cancer research on August 9th (Sunday), 2020. I'm just putting out "early feelers" and assuming it would be a no-go if it conflicted with one of our local events. I've been meaning to get out to T-Bay for one of their events but it just hasn't worked out yet. This may be the one!
  10. Hey Mike, I spoke with CAA and it's a no go. I could be sneaky and get them to do it but that would be fraudulent. Randy Horash, as recommended above by donrolandofurioso, has got me covered.
  11. Hello, I purchased a(nother) Honda Element. I'm starting to think I may need a 12-Step Program. It is currently in Gimli and is un-driveable due to a blown head gasket and won't start due to battery/starter(?) issue. I'm looking for help in transporting it to my home in the northern end of Winnipeg. It would need to be on a trailer or flatbed as it is AWD and I'm guessing a winch would be handy to load it. Any offers of assistance or recommendations would be greatly welcomed. I am willing to offer financial compensation (for assistance, merely thanks for recommendations).
  12. I'm liking the helmet mounted camera!
  13. What a fun day! It was great to see everybody out for the event after a long winter. Also nice of Joe (and Abigail) to come out to say "Hi" even though he was unable to race. I keep hoping to wake up FAST someday...but I'm starting to believe that's not how it works
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