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  1. 2 views of my fastest run from Saturday Curtis 2nd run Sunday (not his fastest) My first and fastest clean from Sunday And this was my fastest raw time Sunday but just couldn't quite get through that second chute clean for some reason the audio cut out just after I hit the pylons........ Great weekend as always! What happened to the Focus Brian?
  2. Thanks Chris! There are no boring runs in it that's for sure and there is certainly more time to be found in it as I get more comfortable at the limits looking forward to the rest of the season. Now that Neon ACR is a total sleeper such an unassuming car that in the right hands puts down some crazy runs its exciting to watch you push it out there!
  3. Here is my Fastest Run and a couple others Run 2 https://youtu.be/iox0qswg7F4?list=TLPQMTgwNjIwMjClW0i9C7rh5A Run 3 fastest https://youtu.be/51ns7cQ-Ejs Run 4 https://youtu.be/oSohrSX2gt8 Fun Run https://youtu.be/9YUq1bqUYp0
  4. My fastest clean run Fastest dirty run
  5. I really like this idea especially for those who are newer. I would personally enjoy being able to get more runs in and the lunch break bench racing would probably make for some pretty good entertainment in the afternoon. Maybe try that line you didn't get a chance to or thought was a little risky etc.
  6. 2003 350Z with a Carbon fiber hood would bump me into Street Modified I believe? would it fall into SM or SSM?
  7. Nope no RS this year, new Job so on the hunt for something to race this year have to see what I can find.
  8. Ryan James member # 6733 I would like to reserve #86 (Previously held 98 so it's up for grabs)
  9. Ryan James Member# 6733 reserving # 86 (previously had 98)
  10. would it be possible to switch from 98 to 86?
  11. I would be checking the front end very closely, through the shop i've seen a few odd ones. An item lots of people overlook is the Rack bushings
  12. Yes the fact it's on the interior makes me think more heat related then wear related, I don't think manufacturer defect only because you had the blow out on that same side.
  13. What are you running for Toe up front? Toe tends to have a much higher effect on tire wear then camber. To me the inside tire wear doesnt look that much more excessive then the outside but I'm wondering if it's a temperature issue?
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