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  1. Dale Kemp member #6582 I will renew number 15 please. thanks Helix
  2. Thanks Matt! Wow that really shook things up. I didn’t expect to see so many leader changes
  3. Not that I’m biased or anything but I’m liking the sounds of this!
  4. Thanks @babyfod! congrats to this years champs Louis, Jason, Jordan and Rob! Ugh can’t believe I only had 7 events this year. Could have been my best finish ever
  5. C’mon Matt @babyfod let us know who the champions of 2020 are
  6. Is there any chance of getting the season standings updated before the last two events? Its always fun watching the final battles if some of the classes are close...
  7. The inaugural first autocross event for my buddy Andy in his MKI Rabbit. Car was so much fun to drive. Lightweight and nimble Here is Andy's spin, caught out by the painted X it seems And my best run of the day.....Still two seconds off of Jason
  8. Not as exciting as a banana on wheels slip sliding through the course, but here's my best run from Sunday. Much more of a relaxed Sunday drive
  9. Crazy tight battle going on for the best of the mixed class. 3 guys all within 1 point. Can’t wait to see who comes out on top! Hope the three of you will out this weekend
  10. I agree with Joe’s timeline for the double header. I would have stuck around for the second event if it could have ended sooner. At least for Sunday double headers. I would also like to see a condensed single event at St. Andrews one day. I think no lunch and a quick turn around between run groups would be nice on occasion. Get some racing in and still have most of the afternoon to hang with the family. Just a thought
  11. Sorry Chris. Had a look around during fun runs and while cleaning up. Didn’t see it in other great news, spent Saturday night in Gimli. This morning while driving home the engine in the Forester exploded and left me stranded. Yay!!!!
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