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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! Wallin is able to do the work. I’m trying to swap the extension housing from my broken mk4 w58, onto a mk2 w58. So I can use it in a mk4 supra. The mk4 roller bearing sleeve is slightly too small for the mk2 roller bearing, and it’s very difficult to remove the bearing. So this is the easier option.
  2. Looking for some recommendations for a machine shop to modify a couple transmission parts. Need a race’s inner diameter expanded slightly, and a bolt hole added to the gear selector, to match the other ones I have.
  3. Looking for a w58 transmission for a mkiv supra.
  4. I was running these on the Supra starting in August last year. I think they’ll last until July this year, maybe longer. I gained 1.5 seconds a lap over the Bridgestone Potenza S-04’s but the S-04’s were three years old so that may be why. I didn’t have any issues with heat during long sessions and the rain grip is pretty good as well.
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