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  1. Stefan Ozog, member 6532. I would like to reserve # 39 again
  2. 2nd run was probably the most out of control although it looks relatively calm from the camera:
  3. Quite a fast course. Managed to hit 105km/hr despite all the rain
  4. For now I'm just running my dashcam for simplicity's sake. Maybe next year I'll grab one of those suction cup mounts.
  5. Best run of the day. Course was quite fast, lots of time in 3rd gear. Amongst other things I was experimenting with how I launched the car. On the graph below I have the longitudinal accelerations up top (Bold for the slower run, non-bold for my videoed run) and a time delta graph below. by launching "poorly" the one time I ended up being about 0.27s behind before I even shifted to 2nd gear. Big stuff and its interesting to see just how much time can be lost with such a simple mistake.
  6. Course was good, quite simple which I feel worked well with the wet. Forgot to record my 2nd run where I had my spin, looked like there were quite a few spins in the afternoon run group today though. Best run below, tipped a cone going into the south 3 cone slalom, visible on the return.
  7. Same as Scott, looks like i'm on a wait list for the event. I don't see anything on the motorsportreg page about max drivers nor have I seen a thread here. Hope its just a mixup in the event setup.
  8. I was talking to some of the autocross guys at the end of the season and sim racing came up. I mentioned I did a brake load cell conversion on my G27 steering wheel for relatively cheap ($26-60) and thought I'd post a guide on it. Its not perfect like a hydraulic setup but it is definitely better than the stock position based sensing. Conveniently this method uses the G27's inputs and doesn't need any extra external connectors or software to work. It should work for most other mass produced sim racing wheels as well with only minor differences. Guide: https://imgur.com/a/gOjAf
  9. I am the one in the Genesis. The right strut got significantly worse both in the steering rattling on the data trace and listening to the videos between runs. The left strut also seems a bit iffy now while it was solid before so I'm hoping to replace them both this weekend. Brian: if you are looking for something a bit cheaper my video is taken with one of these set to only 720p to reduce file size: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00OAUDF6M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_5mBNzbBZRSXS0
  10. Definitely a fun course, I do agree with Nish on the tarmac quality though. I unfortunately blew a front strut during the course of the event. Those large gaps in the concrete were quite hard on the loaded outside suspension. Competition was quite close and I coned away my last run, here it is though:
  11. I'm loving the in action shots of cones getting knocked down on those last two there
  12. Similar issue, looks like my number (#39) hasn't been reserved
  13. Stefan Ozog #6532 Ill take # 39 please
  14. Definitely still in for the rest of the season 1. Corey 2. Beau 3. Stefan
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