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  1. Wash 'N Wrench in Brandon has a hoist and tools to rent. It's been around for years.
  2. I was in the 2015 HPDE and the last time I was on the track was when I competed in the September 2015 time attack. Would I need to take this year's HPDE to compete in the 2017 time attack?
  3. PMC Tire is much cheaper, at least for my tires. I’ve bought several sets from them with no issues.
  4. SNELL M helmets are easy to find, but where can I purchase SA rated helmets?
  5. It showed 06:42 PM. I just checked my profile and my time zone was set to London time. I changed it back to central and it displays correctly now.
  6. What's going on with the posing time. When I made my profile, I changed my time zone to Central, but it shows my posts 6 hours in the future.
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