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  1. This is me, staying tuned. On a side note, it is now law that all gasoline have ethanol added to it in Manitoba. So if any one else made it a habit to run shell gold because it was free of ethanol, it no longer is.
  2. Corey Matthews, member # 6343, would like lucky # 13 again thanks
  3. I see that there are 15 people registered for event 5 but I get the message - Registration is suspended. The official close date is July 3, 2020 11:00 PM CDT. in the "choose profile" screen when trying to register. I get the same thing when trying to register for event 6. Is there complications with the upcoming events?
  4. I'll freely admit that in no good at finding stuff. Could somebody tell me where I would find this year's schedule?
  5. Corey Matthews membership number 6343 I just renewed my membership so it may not be updated in the system just yet I would like to continue to use lucky #13 please
  6. I like the "more fun for not a lot longer on site" format
  7. As long as we're weighing in, I thought that Outlaw Dogs' lack of solid condiments was disappointing. It's great to have a backup, but Tiki Dogs, with their pickles, onions, peppers, and such seem to provide a greater value and more satisfying lunch. And if our turnouts continue in the same vein as our first couple events, it should be a worthwhile Saturday destination for food cart proprietors.
  8. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but can anyone clue me in to as how to renew my membership. I have tried searching for "WSCC Annual Membership - 2019" as instructed in the "Membership Process - MSR" post, but it is not listed on my dashboard at Motorsportreg. thanks in advance
  9. Hi I'm trying to renew my membership (kinda last minute-ish) but I don't see the "WSCC Annual Membership - 2019" on my dashboard at Motorsportreg. Has the procedure changed?
  10. I will be available to help - I will volunteer for item #3 with my co-driver to make a 2 person team but am willing to be shuffled if required
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