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  1. First time seeing the chassis we built from underneath!
  2. Dason, The hope has been to keep it street legal! Thanks for the compliments! Yup that sucked burning that belt! Working hard to hit those forst 3-p. The last ā€œpā€ has led us to fabricate and repurpose things.
  3. Side exit exhaust and custom rocker panels are done:
  4. I am looking for advice on brake bias portioning valve. On our 1972 Celica Tony and I are looking to install a brake portioning valve. We are wondering if It is better to mount it on the trans tunnel behind the shifter or in the engine bay on the fire wall. Should it be adjustable on the fly or just set it up in testing and call it good? Also lever or dial style? Thanks
  5. Next video came out this week. Tony and I are back on this build and have scheduled as many Friday evenings as we can get in before Tony has to start with farming stuff so fingers crossed we can get a usable car for this summer. It won't be perfect but should be able to get some testing in this summer and see where changes need to be made. On a side not I had no idea you could get older ex NASCAR's for so cheap. Gathering ideas for a future build and this caught my eye: https://www.pro-touring.com/threads/40261-My-69-Chevelle-NASCAR-Project/page3 But for now I have my fair share of projects to finish up!
  6. Thanks Dason! I am getting pretty excited as we just may have the car able to do some driving this summer! Cool story about your celica! I sure would love to get my hands on an 18rg for my other celica project!
  7. Hey guys, I have been finding posting on here and keeping up with youtube videos is a bit much. So I currently I only post updates on my Instagram and youtube channel. so I have not been on the forums much. My Instagram @dadstoyfabshop you will see the most current updates on my builds. My you tube will have the same content just more in depth and typically a few weeks-months behind what I post on Instagram. My builds are still in progress! Covid has put a halt to the snake charmer build for like a year as Tony and I have not connected much. We had planned on being done last summer but covid hit and the car cover went on and it became a parts bench. Tony and I have made plans to start up again and hopefully get it out for testing this spring/summer. Not working on the snake charmer allowed me to make a tonne of progress on my other celica show car build which should be ready for paint hopefully in spring time. @weebly thanks for the complements. Tony and I both agree that the "snake charmer" name needs a change but we just have not come up with a better one yet. @Donrolandoforious budget is at about $6800 right now. Totally right probably double the initial thought when we started the build by the time we get it on the track. As far as hours in it I have lost count probably north of 600hours at this point. did your 76 celica have the twin cam 18rg? I would love an rg!
  8. Time for the next update. we are aiming to have this car at the last autocross events of the season on September 21-22 I think? Tony is finishing engine bay plumbing and I am getting ready to get the 2015 IRS installed. No idea where this car will class but don't care at this point just want to rip it at the track!:
  9. took a day and a half out of my holidays with Tony to get big progress on this car
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