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  1. Hey all. Showing up tomorrow regardless. Tires have been shot for a while, brakes are near the end. Thought I'd see if anyone felt like having a buddy tomorrow.
  2. Got a cheque today. The pool must have been small. I was awarded more for taking second last year than I got for taking first this year.
  3. Event 10. How does Gerry with no time beat three drivers with times. Think AxTime needs to tweak something.
  4. Jer has a ride to and from both days. The race car is there if he wants it. If he gets offered something better I'll only be somewhat offended. =)
  5. Sounds just like his car....... and you even share a name =)
  6. ?? How can they kill the 2000 helmets before the 2015 are available to purchase?
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