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  1. And thanks Doug for getting them up so quickly.
  2. Agreed. It's a very tough thing to do especially with the pressure of a "race in progress". Very nice work guys, thank you.
  3. There are a number of the "seniors discount crowd" attending. Sounds like that "handle" suits you to a T. Thank you for helping out.
  4. How can rule changes be made AFTER the season starts?????
  5. All volunteers - U guys & gals ROCK! Seriously fantastic job! It really is hard to believe such an event can be run without a hitch like that. No blooper reels from this bunch. The professionalism from this crowd is simply over the top. Thank you for such a great effort.
  6. Here is a FILL-IN .pdf of the Self Tech for those that are challenged by a pen with ink. WSCC TA Self Tech Sheet.pfl
  7. And here is a .pdfWSCC Season Opener 2020 Event #1.pdf
  8. Jim eh. #66 (? been awhile ) TA hopefully both days but one for sure!
  9. That would depend on if it was in a compound or open lot. Open lot = owners responsibility, compound = CCC (care, custody and control) insurance policy. The dealership may, on policy, cover the deductible but are not obligated. When you take any vehicle in for service or repairs, ALWAYS stipulate the vehicle to be stored in a compound or in doors and have that written on the service order.
  10. Hope your wheels show up on some sale sites. Keep a sharp eye out Roland. Might be a good idea to look at some local tuner sites as well. I always look closely at any items in the for sale section when the seller only has one post.
  11. Fantastic bunch of information. Thank you. One of those ... "I never knew" things.
  12. And your not juking around .... (yeah, I know)
  13. Seems to be a common thing on those cars.
  14. Hey, there's always an apple or milk crate laying around ....
  15. Maybe Frank can write you up a short storey. He is always one with a tall tale ;)
  16. (Drool) maybe in the fall you can run that "other" SRT
  17. Wish I could have made it. BTW, where are the pics? It ain't so if there are none ....
  18. I have an on going "discussion" with a friend of mine who has a business that backs up onto the river. He has lost the batteries from some of his trucks a few times. He stands on the NO LIGHTS theory ... "why give them light to work with". LOL, I guess he kind of has a point, depends on your traffic flow within eyesight I guess. I use have no choice but the "more light the better route" as the plant next door has super high intensity yard lighting mounted on top of some storage tanks. I just add to where they don't shine. One more tip is to keep expensive things "out of sight, out of mind". Lots of sight seers walking or riding bikes across our property but you can't assume they are all thieves but best nobody sees anything laying around. Just the times we live in. Nothing new. just more brazen I guess. I hate talking about theft, bad moxy ... now where is something wooden ..
  19. Frank, the Ingolf turn off is 312 just after Caddy Lake.
  20. If these load for you, this is a 4.5 hour Whiteshell cruise that runs thru Birds Hill Park and the entire Whiteshell Park. Note, the section of 301 to Falcon Lake is by far the best part, short, but still the best. https://goo.gl/maps/UmhXbaZD7bf6uhdj7 If the stars align, I would like to join in.
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