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  1. Plan was to do the school this year, but alas. Last time i had my ASN licence was back in 2007-2008 when I was the SoloSprint director. I have since taken a VW Driving Academy HPDE, and Formula Renard, driving courses at Kyalami, which both included in-class, and instructor led training on the full road course and wet skid pad. Still doesn't mean much for a local licence, but would be willing to do any required reading, zoom meeting, and/or other requirements deemed necessary.
  2. I would be YES for Time Attack, but my licence has been expired a number of years, so believe i need to take the HPDE school, or if possible, get signed off with an instructor Friday or Saturday.
  3. I know right! I have a 5x120 pattern, and I am wondering if it would work if I don’t torque them up, or if I use 3 bolts, just to let it down on. Thanks for the offer Tim. I will send you a txt today.
  4. Looking to test fit some wider tires on my car before i buy anything, so seeing if anybody has any junkers i can use to check clearances. Prefer a high performance, or R-compound, as they typically are the widest tires. I have 17", 18" and 19" rims, so there should be something taking up space somewhere. Need something in the 25" diameter range, so the following sizes will work: 275-35R17 275-40R17 275-35R18 285-35R18 275-30R19 285-39R19 Let me know what ya got!
  5. JT Letkeman M# 1652 - renewed for 2020 Car number #23 - #123
  6. For those that didn't get to see Rob mow down the entire offset in one fell swoop!
  7. My woulda' coulda' run that coned away 3rd best..
  8. My Last run....First pivot was a bit scruffy...second one i melted the tires on the exit, and had a pretty fun time crossing the timing lights haha
  9. Looks like Rob could use a rookie mentor....his first run with the BMW.
  10. If you go the Audi/VW route (which i absolutely endorse) get the ECU and TCU flashed, and life becomes so much better. The fwd bias of the haldex system gets forgotten once the smiles and giggles start, and it makes you feel like a hero in Winter, because more throttle always solves your problem, with very little issue of having the back end snap around on you. You can hold drifts on asphalt, snow, gravel with ease, and you never feel the system kick in. This weekend i circle tracked a golf 4-motion with dsg, and had no problem pitching in and holding a nice power-on drift through the .5mile a
  11. Thought it might be good to have a post for where to find some Black Friday sales. I got this one in my email today, and they have some wicked deals on brake pads, oils, helmets and seats. Might be of interest to some, and the guy who runs the shop is a fellow autocrosser and club manager in Quebec so decent guy to deal with, so mention your WSCC! https://perryautolaval.com/collections/black-friday-2018 Post up any of your finds!
  12. Hey there, I am wondering if anybody has a line on indoor car storage that might still be available. I was hoping to have a garage up this fall, but doesn't look like schedule allows, so gotta look for alternatives. Post or IM any information you might have :-) --JT
  13. Yea with TCKline double adjustable's it's definitely not cheaper to buy new, but looking like 4-5 weeks turn around.
  14. Never actually went down to nats, car was only ready the Wednesday AFTER nats. Plus i heard that the Koni shop was booked up entirely for the week. Lifetime for original owner sadly.
  15. I am wondering if anybody knows of a place that rebuilds struts/shocks here in Winnipeg? Specifically Koni DA ones.... I Might need a re-seal and don't really want to send them out of province if at all possible. Thanks in advance! -JT
  16. Here are some shots from the Paddock for the guys from Ontario and Quebec. This year they rented motorhomes right down in Lincoln and had them delivered to site as their own personal hotel and party zone. Sadly my car wasn't ready in time to drive down, but they felt required to make me jealous so i come down next year. A previous year we went down a couple days early and caught the CornHuskers home opener!!! 106000 for a football game was quite the experience!
  17. I will be driving down Sunday just to hang out with people and coming home some time Tuesday most likely, maybe Wednesday. A large group of eastern Canadians are RV'ing and camping in grid, so going to snag a spot, or set up an air mattress in a trailer or my tent in paddock. It's worth just going to see and hang out!! I have gone twice just to hang out and it's worth it! If anybody wants to make a long weekend out of it let me know, it's about a 9 hour drive if you do it in one shot.
  18. Haha that was a fun event...I think that was the only time in WSCC history that a car made more tire noise than Barry's old Acura...
  19. 1652 - JT Letkeman Renewed and keeping #23
  20. Well that was a fun night of bumper cars!! We got to run into somebody interesting that wasn't racing with us too. Patrik Laine was out for a family night of karting with his parents and sister, so that was a cool surprise too :-)
  21. My 2017 plans are as followed - SHOW UP!!! - Working with Turner and Apex to understand what i need to buy to fit 18x9.5" rims under the car with 265/285 staggared RE-71R tires (currently 17x9 with 255's) I have the power, but need the grip! - Replace the brakes so the brake wear indicator goes away - Fix the miss fire that happens when the car isn't fully warm and you use WOT
  22. From my experience with swapping pads your fine as long as you don't have rotor warp or grooved up rotors. But you don't want bed them in on your first lap since they need to go through a cooling cycle so that the film of pad gets attaches the rotors (thus race cars do "installation laps" with new pads). I would put my pads on at home, and drive out normally. Then after filling up the tank in gimli i would do 5x 50-10km hard brakings then 5x 80-20km before pulling into the track (don't full stop). then during the whole registration process the rotors have the time to cool down. I just make a c
  23. These were my favorite pads when i was running the TT. HP+ required 1 throw away run by a co-driver and bit possibly a bit harder, but ate rotors and squealed worse than a city bus on that car. These didn't make the noise, didn't have the required heat up phase, but had a bit more fade when I lapped at Gimli (so i bought Hawk Blue's for that and swaped) Carbotech™ AX6™ The AX6™ is specifically engineered for Autocross applications. A high torque brake compound delivering reliable and consistent performance over a very wide operating temperature range of 50°F to 1000°F + (10°C to 537°C
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