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  1. Yikes my 255s are going to be way wider than my nexens
  2. August 15, 4th and fastest run for me August 16, 2nd run of the day , only clean run of the day for me. My garmin camera is having issues with gps recorded speed. I will have to try fix it with an update.
  3. 4th run, managed to take off 1.4 seconds from my third run.
  4. I was able to before for earlier events this year, just a glitch?
  5. Hey everyone! Trying to register for events 4/5 , unable to do so as the pax category keeps giving me error. Normally choose ASPS but it's not there. Thanks
  6. Fastest run on Sunday , had two cameras but the one mounted on top didn't capture anything apparently.
  7. Sunday was a fun event, and one of my best events thus far! The track was suited well to my car. Ignore the speedo in the video Best in health to everyone! See you all in 2020.
  8. Finally got my camera working again, although the GPS is still off. Really left some time on the track looking at it over again.
  9. Question for the Sunday event, is everything one hour later as it was last year? (Gates open 10am etc)
  10. I guess your mileage may vary depending on wear characteristics. I was running 5 year old champiro gts past few seasons, I do tend to be a bit more aggressive but having non sticky tires will force you to do that We'll see how they go this year
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