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  1. Thanks for all your excellent work Helix!
  2. Phil!!!!! Look forward to seeing you out!
  3. I'm sure it'll be posted on Facebook as well when it's released. https://www.facebook.com/WinnipegAutoslalom/
  4. Is it just my motorsport reg account that doesn't give me an option to renew or is it not available as of yet?
  5. Who said anything about WSCC logos and gear? This topic is about the AutoSlalom division of WSCC. Here's an example of the current logo as a decal. Same appears on gear. You can also check the Winnipeg Autoslalom facebook page for more examples.
  6. I'm wondering when/if registration will open for this weekends event (May 7)?
  7. Where's your red suit? I'll take the lump of coal for heating
  8. Thanks for all your work Matt - much appreciated!!!!
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