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  1. We are urgently looking for some volunteers to help work the gate at the Lake Shirley Ice Race event next weekend. The task would involve collecting entry fees from spectators and getting them to sign the waiver (similar to at Gimli where spectators become "club members" for the day). This is a huge opportunity for our ice race club to raise the needed funds to survive. The volunteers would be required to work the gate for about 3 hours from 11:30am to approximately 2:30pm. Special compensation for performing this task will be made available and could possibly include free race entry fees (if you convince pit crew members/friends to help) or any and all other compensation options will likely be considered. We are desperate and need help to pull this off. Even if you can only help for an hour or 2 please consider reaching out to us and offering your assistance. Thanks in advance on behalf of the Ice Race Team! ice@wscc.mb.ca
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