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  • Recent Posts

    • The WCMA/WSCC system for time attack number reservations is not working.  I have #11 reserved with WCMA for 2024 time attack competition and this is what I'm presented with when I try to register:
    • The more I get to know about sports cars the more impressed I am with the Corvette. Its performance for the cost is stunning (even though it will still cost you for sure).  I've been watching MECUM Indianapolis Auction the last few days.  Amazing Corvettes going for the $40K too $50K USD range.
    • You aren't wrong, and many of our classing systems are based off this ratio. It is a goal of mine to get my RX8 below 6lbs/hp while keeping the creature comforts. Why below 6? I'm trying to match the performance of a C6 Corvette ZR1! The RX8 has statistically equal wheelbase, height and width and sports a similar drivetrain. The ZR1 is only car that has left a lasting impression on me over the laundry list of vehicles I've piloted around Gimli and other tracks. With skyrocketing re-sale prices, i may never be able to have one of my own, but maybe i can get close! haha  
    • That's what we call the cyclists who spend thousands on their road bikes trying to skim grams of weight off of frames that are already light as a feather. Being relatively new to motorsport, I found it curious that the same obsession happens even when high horsepower is available. I got curious how my vehicles compare in weight per horsepower (based on OEM stats). I don't know what performance difference this really makes but I found it interesting.  The top two vehicles are mine... ·         7.7 lb/hp (2006 Solstice Mallet LS2V8, 400HP) ·         9.0 lb/hp (2019 Golf R Stage 1 APR, 375HP) ·         8.9 lb/hp (2015 Audi RS5) ·         7.1 lb/hp (2015 Audi R8 V10) ·         9.7 lb/hp (2016 BMW i8) ·         7.2 lb/hp (2016 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 1LT) ·         11.0 lb/hp (2015 Dodge Challenger R/T) ·         5.8 lb/hp (2015 Ferrari 458 Italia) ·         8.5 lb/hp (2016 Ford Mustang GT) ·         12.1 lb/hp (2009 Honda S2000) ·         5.6 lb/hp (2014 Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 AWD) ·         8.5 lb/hp (2016 Lexus RC-F) ·         10.5 lb/hp (2011 Lotus Elise Base) ·         15.0 lb/hp (2016 Mazda MX-5 …Miata) ·         14.7 lb/hp (2016 Mini Cooper S) ·         7.2 lb/hp (2016 Nissan GT-R) ·         7.7 lb/hp (2016 Porsche Carrera S) ·         6.3 lb/hp (2016 Porsche Carrera Turbo S) ·         6.3 lb/hp (2016 Porsche GT3 RS) ·         7.7 lb/hp (2016 Porsche Cayman GT4) ·         10.0 lb/hp (2016 Tesla Model S P90D AWD, 463hp)
    • Hello, Below is the public link for all of my photos for this season at Auto X. Event #1 is live! I will try to be at as many events as possible this year to provide high quality images for the group.  As always, its great meeting new people at events. I drive the little Grey - RHD NC1 Miata so please say hi if you would like. All images are free for use. I do it for the club!  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rErX5m95ubzWJ-RwiZR2Ai693aDBQCsl?usp=sharing -Alex. 
    • Because this is where Time Attack (and Road Racing) keep their car number library. WSCC does not keep separate records of who has what number - Autoslalom is really the odd man out here. Ice Racing is keeping yet again their own separate set of car numbers - I hope that those discipline directors will come around eventually to make it easier for our racers. Advantage of doing it through WCMA is that during the registration process your car and car number are filled in automatically. I understand (never tried it) that WMCA will automatically check whether the number you want is already taken and will not let you take it. If everybody registers their car numbers with WCMA, then there won't be any of those annoying, time-consuming instances where two people have registered with the same number and are now arguing who should get that number, as both parties had already signs with that number made.
    • Our first two Time Attack events will happen on May 25th and May 26th! Sign up and take your place on the starting grid. This promises to be an exciting season again! WSCC 2024 Season Opener (motorsportreg.com)   Just a quick reminder: Reserve your number with WCMA (WCMA 2024 Car Classing & Number Reservation (motorsportreg.com) ) so that you don't try to register with a number that has been taken already. Furthermore, you must submit a current 2024 Car Classing Schedule to secretary@wscc.mb.ca. to obtain that one, go to https://ccdb.casc.on.ca/ and register yourself. go through the base car list, then select the modification you have on your car. If your car is not in the base list, click on the link where you can submit the request to add your car to the list. At the end, save without sending it to the OTA. Instead, save the pdf file and send it to Brian at the email address above. If your classification sheet is not available by the time you finish your registration, you will be classified in Extreme for the duration of the event.
    • Why do we need to have our time attack numbers registered with WCMA? It seems silly to have to register Time attack numbers with them and all the others are WSCC. 
    • The problem here is that the drivers need to register their Time Attack number with WCMA, but the Autoslalom numbers are tracked only within our club. You can't assume that you can use the same number in both disciplines, because one person may have reserved that number already for a discipline. Therefore, that desired number is available for discipline A, but not available for discipline B. If you want to keep your number across both disciplines, you need to pick a number that hasn't been already taken in either discipline. Record that number with WCMA for Time Attack, and with the Autoslalom guys here in the club.  
    • Thanks for the follow-up. Hope you get the gremlins! Actually, I'd love to see an AMC Gremlin (401-XR!) on the track sometime, they were fairly wide stance and might even handle well. But it's only old geezers like me who even remember odd rides like that.
    • @Ron Janzen, I hope you don't mind me editing the title of this discussion. I removed "classing" from the title so we don't duplicate information with an existing sub-forum dedicated to Time Attack classing issues. Getting back to your difficulty selecting your number from the MSR registration page, I think this is the same problem we had last year. Apparently the WCMA reserved number database is not properly sync'd with MSR reserved number pool. It's not an easy fix from what I understand. I suppose we'll have to live with this gremlin for another year, not unlike registering for Time Attack Saturday only and not being able to rent a transponder or even select Time Attack as your group. That's why you will see the Saturday-only entries shown as Closed Wheel.
    • The link goes to the MSR registration for both Time Attack and Road Racing for our Season Opener weekend. Both disciplines are in the same MSR event. http://msreg.com/wscc2024opener So far: 6 T/A on Saturday, 4 T/A on Sunday and 6 Road Racers.....come on people start signing up! Lol.  
    • Sorry Mike, but something went wrong here! The registration page for Time Attack was already open, and three or four people have already paid and are registered.   There should not be one link for both disciplines.
    • Hi Everyone,    Our regular club meeting is this coming Thursday at the Caboto center.  Zoom is available as usual if you can't make it in person.    Our in person attendance has increased at each meeting.  Great to see everyone and chat in person as well as virtually.     Our Autocross season is well underway having completed two events already this season.  Our licensing School was a great success again thanks to all the great work done by Roland, Darin and crew.   Hope to see everyone in person or on the zoom call.   WSCC Zoom Host is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: WSCC Zoom Host's Zoom Meeting Time: May 16, 2024 07:00 PM Winnipeg Join Zoom Meeting https://us06web.zoom.us/j/81477721906 Meeting ID: 814 7772 1906 --- One tap mobile +12042727920,,81477721906# Canada +14388097799,,81477721906# Canada --- Dial by your location • +1 204 272 7920 Canada • +1 438 809 7799 Canada • +1 587 328 1099 Canada • +1 647 374 4685 Canada • +1 647 558 0588 Canada • +1 778 907 2071 Canada • +1 780 666 0144 Canada Meeting ID: 814 7772 1906 Find your local number: https://us06web.zoom.us/u/ky8G4BuUr
    • Hmmm, more puzzling.  That's not what I got when I registed for time attack.  I'll try editing my registration and see if that pull down comes up.
    • Yeah, looks like you were dealing with this issue back in March, but it appears that you are assigned #64.  Not unless there is another Ron J.
    • Not sure what happened when I did this because it appears the number I reserved (64) is taken and the number I was told is not available (59) is now unassigned.  In the meantime, I ordered new signs and won't be able to use them.  Sigh...
    • Registration is open for the WSCC 2024 Season Opener for May 24-26 at the Gimli Motorsport Park! May 24 - HPDE Track Day http://msreg.com/wscc-2024-hpde2   May 25 & 26 - Time Attack & Road Racing http://msreg.com/wscc2024opener Sign up now!  
    • Hello! Dylan Hesom renewing #96 please. Member #7055
    • Here are the 2024 Time Attack Supplementary Regulations. Please contact timeattack@wscc.mb.ca if you have any questions. Time Attack Supplementary Regulations V 4.0.pdf
    • WSCC 2024 Road Race Supplementary Regulations V. 2.3, April 19, 2024 Download: WSCC2024RaceSupplementaryRegulationsV2.3.pdf
    • Thanks for all the info. I’ve put my stock mufflers back on. It’s much quieter. I should be good to go. 
    • Have to agree, the SCCA rule seems much more reasonable.  SCCA is a risk management approach, not a risk minimization approach.  Anybody involved with this sport should appreciate the difference.
    • This is from the 2024 SCCA Solo Rules, which have been recently updated (the old info is crossed out)   APPENDIX H - SOUND MEASUREMENT PROCEDURES AT SCCA® NATIONAL SOLO® EVENTS The maximum allowed vehicle sound level will be 100.0 dBA. 108.0 dBC. The measurement will be taken at a point where vehicles can reasonably be expected to be under load at full throttle. The measuring point will be 50 feet from the edge of the course using an ANSI Type 2 sound meter set to “A” “C” weighting, “Slow” response. The microphone will be 3 to 4 feet above ground level, positioned perpendicular to vehicle direction of travel. The microphone will be away from structures (e.g., buildings) as is practical. If a driver in a vehicle exceeds 96 dBA 100.0 dBC, the Chief Steward or his/her designated representative will be notified by the Sound Control Steward or representative. The driver of any run producing a sound measurement over 96 dBA 100.0 dBC will be notified, as soon as reasonably possible following the run, by the Chief Steward, Sound Control Steward, or representative. If a driver in a vehicle exceeds 100.0 dBA 108.0 dBC, the driver will be allowed to attempt a viable remedy to functionally alter the exhaust system to reduce the sound level of the vehicle before his/her next run that day. (A “mechanical delay” per Solo® Rules Section 6.8.D may be used.) If the excessive reading occurs on the driver’s last run of the day, the Chief Steward, Sound Control Steward, or designated representative is authorized to impose a DNF penalty on that run. The use of an adjustable directional exhaust exit to laterally aim the exhaust output away from the sound meter position does not constitute a viable remedy. Adjustable directional exhaust exits may only be aimed straight up, straight down, or straight back. If a viable remedy has been attempted in the judgment of the Chief Steward, Sound Control Steward, or representative, the driver will be allowed to take his/her next run. If the driver declines any viable remedy or if the change is deemed inadequate by the Chief Steward, Sound Control Steward, or representative, the driver will forfeit all subsequent runs in the vehicle (unless an approved viable remedy is completed before the next run). If the driver in the vehicle exceeds 100 dBA 108.0 dBC again on any subsequent run, that run will be scored a DNF and all additional runs the for that driver will be forfeited. If a sound violation which would incur a DNF occurs on a run for which a rerun would otherwise be granted (per Section 7.4), the sound-based DNF will stand and there will be no rerun. For the purposes of sound measurement and enforcement, a “run” is defined as any attempt at driving through the course, whether or not it is scored or a rerun is allowed. Any functional remedies implemented to reduce the sound level of a vehicle may not be removed (including the next day of the event) and may be subject to re-inspection by the Chief Steward, Sound Control Steward, or representative. If the remedy has deteriorated after passing the sound level requirements at the measuring point, the sound level of the vehicle must be functionally addressed again. The Chief Steward, Sound Control Steward, or representative has the right to disallow a repeat of the same remedy that deteriorated. The remedy may be changed or modified to improve its quality and/or further reduce the vehicle sound level. Drivers that receive a DNF for non-compliant sound levels implement additional functional remedies to reduce the sound level to compliant readings before starting runs the next day. These general sound level regulations will NOT override specific local area and/or SCCA® Regional sound level requirements, regulations, and/or penalties.    
    • This is from the 2024 SCCA Solo Rules, D. A passenger is allowed provided they: 1. is no younger than twelve (12) years old or is at least 57” tall; 2. is in a vehicle which has passed safety (tech) inspection (Section 3.3.3); 3. is wearing a properly fitted seat belt and a properly fitted helmet; 4. has completed and signed the required participant waiver(s), including parents/guardians as appropriate (Section 4.13). The only passengers who may be allowed during competitions runs in National Solo® events are non-competitors whose role is to fulfill the state-mandated requirements for a driver who has a restricted driver’s license requiring a passenger.   I wish the ASN rules were the same as the SCCA rules in more than just this area.
    • So that means, until you are 18 (Manitoba age of majority), you cannot ride along with any driver that's not your legal guardian.  Too bad, such an impediment to bringing young people into the sport.  FYI, about 5 (?) years ago, at HPDE, I took the Autocross lapping sessions.  A 15 year old was just tearing up the course with awesome times in a vehicle with his Dad. His Dad said he had karting experience. It seemed to show! He didn't even have a drivers license yet  . 
    • Basically, same rules for Lapping (Track Days) at GMP:
    • We have done some informal noise monitoring @ GMP, in accordance with ASN 5.8 and 5.9. What ASN doesn't stipulate, but should (IMHO), is that: the vehicle should be under full acceleration before, during and after passing the measurement location, with the engine near 75% of redline the sound level meter should be set for 'fast' response. (fast response means the meter can measure sounds 0.125 seconds in duration, an essential factor when measuring the fleeting sound of a passing vehicle) the highest reading of this test is the determining factor  
    • Thanks. Don't agree with 4.2 (b) but I guess it is what it is.  What about all the other sports where the parents and guardians are by-standers?  Strange rule.
    • This is from the 2024 ASNAutoSlalom Regulations, 4.1.2. To be eligible to participate as a passenger, a person must: a. Have the consent of the organizer; b. Have signed the Stoneridge General Waiver; c. Wear personal safety equipment as required for the driver; d. Keep hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times; e. Not carry items such as food, drink, cameras, video recorders, purses, etc. The items listed above must be presented at the time of event registration and/or scrutineering inspection. 4.2. Underage Participants Participants (drivers or passengers) under the age of majority for the province in which the event is taking place must also present a completed Annual Parental Consent Waiver at event registration. In addition, minors participating as passengers must: a) Be at least 14 years old; b) Be in a vehicle being driven by their parent or guardian;
    • This is from the 2024 ASN AutoSlalom Regulations, 5.8 Noise Limit Adequate muffling devices must be installed on all vehicles with a sound level to a maximum of 96 decibels unless there is a lower noise limit required for that facility/track listed in Appendix I, or in the Supplementary Regulations. Organizers may apply to NSC for lower noise limits if the facility/track requires. Such limits must be sent out to all competitors in the Supplementary Regulations 60 days in advance of the event and must be posted at the site on the day of the event. Please note that some facilities require a lower decibel reading and, in order to compete there, vehicles will have to abide by those lower decibel limits. 5.9 Noise Measurement Measuring shall be done from a distance of 15 meters perpendicular (50 feet) to the vehicle wherever safe to do so. The final decision as to adequacy shall rest with the Steward. Any vehicle deemed to be excessively loud must not be permitted to compete without acceptable modification being made, regardless of the existing exhaust system. Please note that some facilities have their own measurement procedures and, in order to compete there, vehicles will have to abide by those measurement procedures. Event organizers should include a notice in the event’s supplementary regulations when such measurement procedures occur.
    • Member # 6577 I'd like to reserve number 5.
    • Hi,   My car was running a bit loud on the weekend.  I’m going to be making a few changes to quiet it up. I’d like to do some testing, and was wondering how I should go about that. Is there a certain distance I should take the readings at? Thanks,
    • I'd like to reserve #54 membership #7659
    • Hi all, I brought friend and her kids out to Autocross 1. Unfortunately kids were below age 14 and could not ride along.  However, I was dismayed to learn that the kids also have to be the biological children of the driver, even if they are 14.  Can someone explain why this is necessary? I don't understand why the permission of the legal guardian would not suffice? Families come in all shapes and sizes and this seem unduly restrictive. Further explanation would help. Thanks to all the volunteers for Autocross #1, a great start to the season, even though I sucked once again!
    • I sold my MX-5 after the Saskatoon sports car club lost our venue in Saskatoon. These have been in storage since then. (Horizontally, not sure if that’s good or bad for storage?) I’ll be in Winnipeg from May 17th to the 24th.   Bilstein b8 performance plus front struts $75 New in box, unused. Fits miata NC (2006-2015) Two - fronts, $75 for both.  This part number: 24-131766 https://bilsteincanada.com/product/b8-performance-plus-series-front-24-131766/ Will 2018 Civic (autocrossed only once. Sad.)
    • Corey Matthews Member #6343 Renewing #36 I just renewed my WSCC membership - not sure if it may take time to show up on your end Thanks  
    • Hi Helix, Please renew #71 for me, member 1704 Thanks, Allan
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