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  • Posted in the Last 24 Hours

    • Or how about a homemade mushroom and egg fried rice paired with a chicken and vegetable lo mein. Only instead of the crummy chicken most chinese places use, I opted for roasted chicken slices (that I diced) I had grabbed at a deli. Wait until next year. I'll bring a portable stove and everything I need. Challenge accepted.   
    • This one I called KGB, because it's Korean Ginger Beef and white rice. lol Very spicy.  
    • This one was my take on Fair Food. Miniature corn dogs. battered mushroom slices, and battered shrimp. (using a corn flour mix)  
    • Not afraid of my cooking, quite the opposite. But if I make anything here at home on Wednesday then it's 3 days old by the time you eat it at the track on Saturday. Next year I'll have to arrange to bring a portable stove where I can cook on site. I have reinvented spaghetti. Took it to a new level. No I'm not kidding. And you should try my homemade Chinese food. My kitchen Kung Fu is strong. First, this is homemade fried rice with battered shrimp.
    • Big hail auction was last Saturday.   Matrix xrs - 1k. Lots of potentially good buys, some stupid over priced ones too. 
    • So I am pretty sure I found the location of this shot, I cropped it down a bit: My family went for a hike to the Pembina valley provincial park today. On the way home I took this portion of 201 near the provincial park: the trees are much taller now but check out the clearing of grassy arias on both sides of the other side of the valley along side of the road in the far side of the photo they are the same. in my photo you can not see the bridge at the bottom of the valley because the trees are much taller but it is there.    
    • And then there's this one: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/winnipeg/2002-honda-s2000-convertible/1382015544?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true and another RHD: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/winnipeg/2000-honda-s2000/1381637254?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
    • If a RHD S2000 turns your crank, check this out.... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/winnipeg/2000-honda-s2000-type-v-vgs-low-km-best-deal-on-kijiji/1385092905?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true I have no knowledge regarding this car other than seeing the ad.
    • Yes! C5 with a slightly cracked bumper went for $7k!   Big hail auction coming up!