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  1. Yesterday
  2. Any chance to connect by phone? Or getting a copy of the notes afterwards...
  3. Thanks to all that came out and helped get the trailers sorted and inventoried. Great start to what should be a great year of racing! @BigKahuna Thanks for the offer. Are you with Ultra Tech fire and Safety? Asking because they are a club sponsor I hear and we would like to provide them first rights to supply as a thanks for the sponsorship. If so great! See you soon. If not, you are second in line once I find out about Ultra Tech. Just being fair to sponsors.
  4. Posting for @dino Stewarding conference will occur at 1 PM, Sunday, April 28 at Canada Inns Transcona. Open to all stewards, organizers, competitors and workers. Will be looking at incidents, attitudes, new rules for passing in dealing with competitor attitudes and interviewing techniques. Should take 3 to 4 hours.
  5. If ext are needed please give me a count and sizes needed
  6. Last week
  7. BTW, Autoslalom only had 4 extinguishers to start with. Station 2, station 4, timing trailer and the paddock.
  8. Thank you for the info. Is the adhesive backed vinyl single use?
  9. Bomex did my numbers as well - and some other stuff, good products from them. I use adhesive backed vinyl, i'd be leary of static panels - i've had a couple before and they don't stay on. Magnetic panels can work but typically you're going to have to tape down the leading edge at minimum...then you're going to have be ultra careful with them because they scratch paint. taping them down minimize the paint scratching but does not eliminate it.
  10. You must be SPECIAL! I will edit. It’s yours.
  11. Do you tape your bomex numbers on? Or do they cling?
  12. Miguel Yetman #46 I had last year for is that why its not on the list?
  13. I can come and help tomorrow. Can also bring a small air compressor and tools if need be.
  14. Bump: This is tomorrow and we will need help eating donuts and getting the trailer ready.
  15. In order: Don't know, that is why we are going to check. Nope, getting that organized, no worries. I suppose, but can't guarantee I will still be there by then. We like donuts.
  16. It looks like someone has taken liberties with my profile. I appear to have become Wonder Woman.
  17. Number 2 is already being used in open lapping, so I will change it to 27 please.
  18. Just a few questions Tim: Have the two big 6V batteries (sitting on the tongue of the trailer) been removed and stored for the winter? Otherwise, hope they didn't freeze. Do we have everything on site to test the timing equipment? Maybe Shawn has the laptop? Not sure if he'll be out Saturday. You said to meet at 10:00 am CST. Does that mean Come Some Time? Weebly Boss will bring donuts.
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