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  2. Retrofit from a g35/altima its most likely possible, It shares most of the same front end/chassis components. Of course depending on if its an M35 or WC34 Stagea.
  3. Off the hop rhd jdm stuff is hard to get guys to work on, let alone electrical. http://master12volt.com/ On Chevrier May be worth inquiring with.
  4. Last week
  5. I've had this video in beta format for almost 30 years. And I had it converted to a modern playable format. These two events are a blast from the past of the WSCC. I will bring to the next meeting. Or contact me if you would like to see this earlier.
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  7. If you are looking to start recording or upgrading your GoPro, I’ve seen some nice deals on Raptor Racing, a great little shop in Mississauga that specializes in parts for the RS and Supra. Thought some might be interested. No promo code needed https://raptorracing.ca/gopro-camera-and-accessories
  8. Yes! Basically 1mi flat-out! zoom-zoom. Watch the 130deg right-hander at the end!
  9. Re: Brainerd school. its a proper bargain, you spend the morning in the classroom and the rest of the day on track with and without the instructor.. if you do end up going down, note that the schools are on Mondays and they open up the Donnybrooke track for school events once a year (sometimes twice). If you have a big GT car thats the day you want to be there.
  10. No problem - DM me when you want meet up?
  11. Hi Mat If you don't mind, I would take a kit, as well.
  12. Here are the minutes from the 2019 AGM: WSCC Annual General Meeting Minutes 2019_11_21.pdf
  13. Anyone have suggestions for a good place to have a cruise control installed on my Nissan Stagea? Yes, I could do it myself, but I'm so busy with other projects and warranty is always nice.
  14. Austin

    2003 Nissan 350z

    Would be great for an ice racer, track car, or drifter, RWD, 280hp, auto sadly, Runs and drives great, cant be put on the road, Call for details 12048913949
  15. Corey - no problem, i talked to Ken - emailed you back. Run Away - no problem, pick up in St James or? just DM me i think i have 15 left lol! Matt
  16. I would love to grab one for my GRM $2000 Challenge car if there is any still available.
  17. No, hell no. Still have it @Jim Eh. (Am I allowed to love an inanimate object?!) Filters were for a benz b-series sadly no longer with us, written off. I'd imagine will fit some other car. They came from amazon.ca. Coincidentally a decent source to double-check fitment.
  18. Even better: Can Ken bring kits for me, Jim, and Greg to work? I can pick up Monday and give Greg's and Jim's to Jim on Monday. Or I drop Greg's off to him. Thanks Matt!
  19. No problem Greg!! Jim has you covered!
  20. Greg, I am going there Sunday and can pick one up for you when I'm there. Good reason for lunch next week.
  21. Hi, Greg Eastwood here. Just rewiring a 33. Ford hot rod, should be perfect. Please hold a set for me, back in a couple of weeks. Thanks
  22. no, just 5S’d old stuff - was perfectly good but no traceability so it can’t be used on aircraft. If you want to pick up, I’ll DM you my address
  23. I'm in. How/where? They're not from a certain Boeing plant are they ...
  24. I have a few aviation cockpit wiring kits - this is a DIY set up probably useful for re-wiring your ice car or race car or motorbike or what have you. There are no terminals and all wires are different thickness and very high quality, nothing you can buy over the counter, Silver/copper/SS low resistance. Wires are different gauges but all kits are the same, useful for everything except proper battery cables. First come first serve, they are free. Approx 15ft long
  25. I'm thinkin' a previous Porsche?
  26. Sorry, but I looked into the Mann catalogue, and it doesn't seem to list those numbers...what are the filters for?
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