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  2. He was one of the greats. He held back nothing, on the track and off. Tough as nails, legend.
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  4. F1 looses another great driver with the death of Niki Lauder , i guess its time to watch Rush again...Kiwi
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  6. Original owner, well maintained, low KMS (64K), top of the line - 2014 Audi S4 with Sport Differential and 19" wheels. This is a rare find... Estoril Blue, Manual, fully loaded vehicle with no accidents and in excellent condition, never tracked. Includes 2-way remote car starter, Navigation, dual-zone climate control, leather sports seats, clear bra (front/back), winter mats, rarely used summer mats, excellent Bang & Olufsen sound system, etc. $34,975 Set of winter tires on beautiful RS4 style rims available separately.
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  8. WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.pdf
  9. WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.pdf
  10. I'm liking the helmet mounted camera!
  11. Are any of the Gimli events on the road course? Start time for each part of the Gimli doubleheaders?
  12. Schedule will be posted shortly. Plan to be at GMP around 8am.
  13. Matt: Is there detailed day schedule for May 24 & 25? peace, David
  14. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tsiycgjd3d1li6l/WSCC_Autoslalom_2019_Schedule_.ics?dl=0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U7XBDUVNgwuooHAAyoHbiqDmZbRTvSzv/view?usp=drivesdk ics schedule for the 2019 season. Times for events may not be perfect but dates and locations should be.
  15. First event was great! way more organized than I thought it would be too, Can't wait to see everyone in June! Here's the view from the bottom of the leaderboard May 3rd in Gimli: Yesterday in St Andrews:
  16. I think that whenever you run a car that you need to constantly mess with to get the most out of them, it seriously hurts your driving abilities. There is only so much input your brain can take of half your brain is filled with thoughts like "it's understeering, should I soften front sway bar or raise rear roll center?" then there is precious little left over for things like "gotta backside this cone so I can set up for the sweeper that follows". Once we get our cars in that magical zone where they just work no matter what the temp or track conditions, we can start working on being great drivers again. My driving has really suffered since I started building my car and today is the first time in years that I could stop thinking about the car and concentrate on driving the course.
  17. That was a great day at the track! I can't thank everyone enough for all the help to keep the event running smooth. It was great to see a bunch of new faces and old friends. Here's my 2nd run, my best today: My 4th run was on track to be better, but, um... yeah... I got too greedy and ran out of talent:
  18. What a fun day! It was great to see everybody out for the event after a long winter. Also nice of Joe (and Abigail) to come out to say "Hi" even though he was unable to race. I keep hoping to wake up FAST someday...but I'm starting to believe that's not how it works
  19. Photos should be available to download if you wish to do so.
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