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  2. Licensing

    Need a chopper to plop us on the track !
  3. Black Rockets Anyone?

    There is always this option ...
  4. Licensing

    I never followed any of the links. Is there a cost reduction for dedicated Ice or dedicated TA licensees?
  5. Licensing

    Amateur license would be good for RR, TA and Ice. Ice is good for ice racing TA is good for TA There is a debate as to whether or not Ice license is good for TA.
  6. Licensing

    With the switch to MSR for licensing registration which license do we sign up for if we are doing multiple disciplines? MSR lists every discipline separately with links to each one. For example would an Amateur license encompass both Time Attack AND Ice? Or do we now have to license for each discipline separately?
  7. Last week
  8. Attention All Potential Ice Racers

    @honda78: Is there a phone number that people can contact Cara at? I am putting out a call through the local owners clubs, and need some way for them to get in contact if they aren't on the forum yet. Edit: Cara prefers her email, here: cstewart9653@gmail.com
  9. Due to scheduling conflicts the Stewart Family will Not be racing this season. Bryce will not be available for any events therefor there is no Tow vehicle for Test and Tune days as well as no secondary Tow for race days. As of right now there are not enough volunteers to even hold events. If you or anyone you know might be interested in helping out so our events can happen please have them contact Cara A.S.A.P. Thanks Shane
  10. 2018 Supp Regs

    WSCC will have Head and neck restraint devices available for rental as of 2018. Please PM and let me know if you’re counting on renting one.
  11. 2018 Supp Regs

    Awesome to see the AWD class officially added @chkdsk. I agree with you, once the publicity is there this will be a fast growing category locally, and I'm looking forward to that!
  12. 2018 Supp Regs

    Hmmm... might have another purpose for my WRX.
  13. 2018 Supp Regs

    Hello everyone, I know you are waiting for the Supp Regs for 2018 and I have them almost done although waiting for one last part. I can't post them yet although here is the reader's digest: - Added Xa AWD Class to RTI. We have one competitor that is building an AWD car and is going to test it during the first Saturday at Maz in Rubber and if the car can complete lap(s) without wicked under-steer in to the bank every lap then we're going to fire it up and invite more AWD's as that is probably going to be the fastest growing aspect of our sport. - $160 entrance fee instead of $140. We need a title sponsor - Hans required for Studded Racers One part that I am waiting for is the mod to a-pillar roll cage brace that was posted at end of season. Working with the specs. It will be a few days to firm up the mods for a-pillar although if you have any specific questions please PM me. Thanks.
  14. Black Rockets for Sale from JDS

    The two brand new tires are sold.
  15. We need a new title sponsor

    I'll check with Randy
  16. We need a new title sponsor

    I need to give this a bump. Our valued title sponsor allows us to race our cars more affordably via cheaper entrance fees otherwise rates go up. Need each of the racers to take a look around and see what they can come up with. Thanks
  17. Steel collection for sale

    The galvinized piece is a stiffener for a wood garage door.
  18. Steel collection for sale

    Is that unistrut in the top right that looks galvanized with slots? Kind of sitting in the grass That I may have a use for...
  19. Steel collection for sale

    Moving away so my selection of steel has to go. Note that a storage rack is included. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1309309875&requestSource=b
  20. Earlier
  21. Remember, you are voting in the people that help set the ground work for ALL your races. It's probably a good thing you attend.
  22. Black Rockets for Sale from JDS

    Looks like I have 12 Black Rockets total in various stages and two are brand new, two others have one race on them (not one race weekend), three others slightly used and others that would be excellent rear tires. Some caveats; - Mat L, Colin Mc and Lee Mc for right of first refusal. If all three want in then we’ll do a split of the good down to the bad to make it fair - Another part to consider is that I don’t need the old used ones without the new ones so if you want two new ones then you’re taking some old ones - Most are on light mag rims 4x100 which can be included to keep it simple. PM/text/email me if interested. Thanks.
  23. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Same story on these I had contacted them in August, not available. Still unavailable, including their Canadian supplier.
  24. WTB RF axle assembly (AT)

    Looking for a complete RF axle assembly off a 2003 Subaru Imprezza (AT)
  25. 2018 HDPE Registration - OPEN!

    Thanks Dason! Updated original post. Only open for 8 days and we've started booking up!
  26. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Check these out http://www.dmacktyres.com/winter-tyres
  27. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Hello boys and girls, I have some bad new about BlackRockets. I already heard this rumour 4 months ago from the Ontario boys and now it is confirmed. From Dyrk: <<<< The Black Rocket tire supplier state that they have no WT12 studs in stock. The manufacturer of these studs will not be able to supply any studs this year. >>>> What does this mean? No studded tires this season. On the good side is that only three drivers had a tire order in so it is not affecting the entire field, the bad news is no tires. I did put an order in for myself last year and I bought extras and of course did not use them much. I will dig up what I have and touch base with the three to see if they need them.
  28. 2018 HDPE Registration - OPEN!

    I've passed this info along to my car club guys, some of them were pretty interested after a couple of us went last year. Dason
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