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  2. There are NO current burning restrictions in the RM of Gimli. http://www.gov.mb.ca/wildfire/burn_conditions.html
  3. MX-Grant

    Gimil Event Help

    Willing to help wherever needed.
  4. Jim Eh.

    Gimli: Fire Ban Still in Effect

    It has not been posted but has the ban been lifted?
  5. DKemp

    Gimil Event Help

    I’ll be there and will help out wherever I can
  6. justkickin

    Gimil Event Help

    I will have the Jeep and a flat deck trailer. I could take a couple teams to setup course. Alternatively I can assist where ever needed.
  7. Weebly

    Gimil Event Help

    I'll sign up for #3 as part of "Team A". Seeing as how I have a hatchback (Focus RS #65), I will load up cones from the skidpad and drive out to the road course and set up cones. All I need is another volunteer to ride shotgun and help load cones from the skidpad and deliver to our designated section of the road course. Any takers?
  8. MRS Joe

    Gimil Event Help

    I’ll help as I can. Timing or where ever.
  9. Hey gang, Our Sunday double header is fast approaching and I am looking to secure a number of people to help out in the transition from the skidpad event to the road course event. I know we always have some workers tear down the course and put things away, which we still need, but we have never simultaneously built a second course. So here is what I need: 0) I don't really need a volunteer although if anyone in our group can easily do this, I might call on you however I expect I will coordinate with Road Race to get the trailer relocated from the skid pad to the infield of the road course. This needs to happen before 1) and the last part of 2) can be completed. 1) 1 or 2 people to help Josh with setting up registration (i.e. open canopy, setup table, put our waivers, course maps, wristbands, etc.) 2) 1 or 2 people to help Matt tear down the timing equipment from the skidpad, relocate to the road course and test. Please note that the equipment must be turned off before collecting it. There is a warning that if the T-links (the little white boxes out at the start, stop and at the trailer) get too close to each other while on, they can mess up the devices. 3) I would like 3 teams of 2 - 3 people that will load some cones into cars and start setting up the road course. The course will be pre-marked with a paint dot so it will be mostly a matter of getting a map and finding the marks. Once we verify that the course is setup properly I would like that same team to chalk the course...it is too long to have 1 or 2 people walk the whole thing. 4) We will see if anyone is interested in ordering in food. If there is big enough demand then we would need someone to go collect said food assuming we can't get delivery. So those are the big things that I can think of. Of course there are lots of little things that I know people will be chipping in for and that's awesome. The more we can coordinate this the better and easier it will go and we can minimize delays. Please post up here if you would like to volunteer and let me know where you can help. Shawn
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  11. mcorrie

    Towing Info

    I came across this and thought it was a fantastic initiative by the Police Service in Halton, ON. It would be great if the Winnipeg Police could do this. It says "commercial motor vehicle and trailer" but it does apply to anybody that tows a trailer and race car trailers count! Does anybody know a Winnipeg Police employee or if there is a way to ask them??
  12. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    2018 Spring/Summer Drive

    We didn't really stop much, to be fair. We pretty much nailed it right to Westhawk Lake. And once we got there, a couple of the guys had to immediately book it home. My wife and I snapped a few of just ourselves and the BMW in front of the lake, but I don't imagine anybody cares to see those.
  13. We need you there by 8 Saturday morning instead of the usual 9 o'clock meeting as we want to do a bit of training. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal
  14. We need you there by 8 Saturday morning instead of the usual 9 o'clock meeting as we want to do a bit of training. Scott McDonald, Chief Marshal
  15. Mat

    Road Race Event #2

    Schedule for RR#2 WSCC Road Race 2 - June 23 24th 2018.xlsx
  16. added schedule and supplementary regulations specific to the feature races / time attack shootout.
  17. Added supplementary regulations specific to the Echelon Honda vs Mazda Challenge and Time Attack Shootout
  18. Yeah, does not always work out but for those interested, it is a 2-day event and Stephen Hui (who re-located from Seattle a couple of years ago) is doing the course design....be interesting to see what he does. And, also, I realize this is short notice and this is due to my own "busi-ness" ... not good but it is what it is.
  19. Liam is looking for a codrive for the morning session at Gimli. He isn't on the forums much so let me know if you have anything available. For those that don't know him, he is my son and can drive. He has driven my Vette and his Corolla previously so pretty much any drive layout works for him. He may not be able to coach you, but he will definitely get your tires warm. He does have a ride for the afternoon/evening session, so only the morning event on the skidpad is needed for him to get me to pay for his gas to/from the event....lol. Let me know if you have something available and I will let him know. FWIW he did beat me in my car once. Cheers
  20. Curtis, It appears that your experience trumps theory every time. I did a little deeper digging into the results of the last 21 events (2017 - till present) and came up with an average count of 8.5% for DNF's. Highest DNF score was last year's May 27th event at Gimli. Lowest DNF score was 1.6 % at St. Andrews Aug 26th event. Cone counts averaged out to 50.6%. Highest cone score was a whopping 80.2% at Aug 20th event at Gimli. Lowest cone score was 25.7% at St. Andrews May 12, 2018 event. I guess it makes sense that the highest DNF and cone counts were at Gimli skidpad … lack of being familiar with the course?. Speaking of Gimli, which is coming up this weekend, I wonder what kind of course design Shawn will come up with? I have this sinking feeling that I will be contributing heavily to both the cone counts and DNF's.
  21. Tim, Your comments are well received and that's exactly the kind of feedback we're looking for so that we can make improvements in the future. It's ironic about your reference to Roger Johnson's Course Design, because this is just the kind of thing Shawn is trying to drill into my pea-brain. In previous course layouts I've asked Shawn or Helix if the finish is too fast, but they're quick too point out that you don't want a last element maneuver to slow the car and inevitably upset the car balance at the most critical time when needing to keep the car under control. Not sure how this nasty pinch slipped by us on the course test drive. It's possible that we might add Event #3 course design to our library for possible re-use in the future. That's assuming we can tweak the start and eliminate the pinch at the finish and adjust the previous elements as you suggested. Thanks again for your help!
  22. Last year was a ton of fun. Fun lot, lot's of competitors. Too bad on timing
  23. Posting for our friends in Calgary: The first WCMA regional is on June 23/24 ... a little over a week away! Are any of you interested? Spread the word? Stephen Hui, recently moved from Seattle, is doing the course design so it should be good. Cheers, Reijo Silvennoinen
  24. nopistons

    Hot Laps Discussion Forum

    They are track pads, but they aren't as aggressive as Hawk Blues for example, but more aggressive and heat resistant than HP+.
  25. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    2018 Spring/Summer Drive

    Why don't the Cars & Coffee guys ever come out with their Lambos and Ferraris? Perfect time for them to open up those cars.
  26. Ok. I'm geared up to go. Hopefully we get a few more interested parties in the next day. So let's meet at the usual Canadinns at plessis and regent at 11:30 on Saturday the 16th and leave at noon. We'll head out on Dugald to Elma And from there into the whiteshell. Should be a scenic drive. We'll stop for ice cream in brereton and back in the city for 4:30 or 5 latest See you there
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