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Time Attack Forms and Registration/Licensing Info *UPDATED for 2015*

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Hello everyone I thought I would post a thread with all the Time Attack info for this season in case anyone needs a refresher or wants to get involved


You need a WCMA Time Attack License in order to participate. In order to get a license you need to complete the HPDE Race School within the past 2 years.

WCMA is revamping their licensing this year and the Time Attack license procedure isn't complete yet. I will let everyone know as soon as I know something.



Car Classes and Points:

As with last year we are running a points competition so each car has to classed with a PAX factor.  The website for the classing is here: http://ccdb.casc.on.ca/

The points are taken from 4 of the 5 events so if someone doesn't make it to one of the events they are still in the points race. If someone races all of them, their event with the lowest points gets dropped.


Event Dates:

June 6, July 4, Aug. 8, Aug. 22, Sept.12



The race fees will stay at $100 per race this year



Here are the WCMA Helmet rules:

.1 Helmets may be either open faced or closed face. They shall be in good condition both 
inside and outside and never subjected to a crash or other severe impact. 
.2 A Snell 2000M or newer M-rated helmet is acceptable for all classes; provided the car is not 
equipped with a roll cage or racing slicks (see .3 and .4 below). Equivalent FIA-rated helmets are 
also approved. 
.3 The driver in any class with a roll cage requires an approved Snell SA 2005 or newer. Or an equivalent 
FIA-rated helmet, and a 5 or 6 point approved harness. 
.4 Any vehicle equipped with racing slicks shall meet all safety regulations requirements for MOD1. 
.5 Competitors are advised that helmets meeting Snell standards will be accepted up until: 
Snell M or SA 2005 (expiry date to be determined) 
If anyone is interested in the full Time Attack rule book the link is here:

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Hi fellow solo sprinters, or time attackers, (or whatever we're called this year). Anybody get their WCMA licence for 2016 yet? Is it the same process as above?

Thank you!

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