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Rally August 23-24 - Come and help out

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Hi all,As we take our baby steps to building rally in Manitoba (I will discuss some of our progress in a different post), we have a great opportunity this summer to do some real learning. I'd like you to join me at the rally.On August 23-24 Rally America is holding the Ojibwe Forest Rally, near Fargo. This is Race #6 in the national championship and if you are interested in rally at all, this is an event not to miss. http://ojibweforestrally.com/workersI have spoken with the organizers and they would love a contingent of WSCC members to help out/volunteer as marshals and course workers. This would be a great way for us to get to know what is required to properly hold a rally event if we are to ever start doing serious races or rallyX here in Manitoba. From everything I hear about the organizers from others, these people are fantastic and treat their volunteers very well. This event was previously a regional event but has been moved up onto the national championship calendar so that speaks to the level of organization. Running a rally takes a small army of people to make it go right. It also involves all manner of people and skills - many of whom may not even be car nuts but who love the team atmosphere of putting on an event. It is very logistically intensive as you have groups of people moving across large areas of terrain, taking over an area, maintaining safety, providing excitement and entertainment and then cleaning up and moving on to the next stage. It is pretty cool, actually.Last fall, my brother, Shawn and my father and I traveled to work Stage Operations for the week-long tarmac rally Targa Newfoundland. We were part of a 7-person team with my Dad working Start and Shawn and I working the Flying Finish. Our team was one of 6 stage-ops teams and there were over 75 people who ran the rally and we covered over 2000km trekking all across Newfoundland. It was fantastic.And I am going to do this again! I would like to see if anyone else is interested in working the rally or even just going down to watch and experience it. If you are interested, please go register through the link provided above. It would be a good show of support to a rally organizer that is so close to us and who we may be able to lean on for support as we develop our own program.Thanks everyone,Chris Clarke

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