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How do you renew your WSCC Membership Online? Let me show you

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Hello everyone, they have made it very simple to renew (or sign up) your membership to the WSCC online. If you are struggling or need some insight, here's some quick instructions. It's easier than you think.


Step 1: Go to http://www.dlbracing.com/Drivers/login.aspx

You will see this screen:




If you have a DLBRacing member then log in (or it may have already logged you in) and go to Step 2, if not then click on “Create A New Account” and follow those instructions. The steps for creating a new account is not covered here as they are self explanatory. Once completed you will be directed to the above link, if not then re-click the link and proceed to Step 2.


Step 2:

Once logged in you will see the normal welcome screen:




In the top right you will click on “My Clubs”


Step 3:


You will then scroll down the list under “Club” and Select Winnipeg Sports Car Club and you will see this screen:




You may have to enter in your membership number to proceed then click “Renew”


You will need to acknowledge the membership agreement then “Proceed to Online Registration”


Step 4:

You should now see this screen:



Verify all your information is correct and fill in any missing information such as phone numbers. You may also need to update your “Garage” before continuing on.


Once completed click on Continue.


Step 5:


You will now see the review screen:



Please verify the information is correct the click on “Continue” and you will be sent to the Paypal checkout site. If you have a paypal account then fill in your login information. If not then click on “Don’t have a Paypal Account?” and follow those instructions.


Nice and simple!

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It looks like some of the value of this sticky has been los tin our forum conversions.  If you have the original pictures can you upload them again?

Sorry, images were lost in the forum conversion. Had to redo them and post them up. 

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Either method is O.K. but I find Stykyd much easier.

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I used Styckyd.com. Which way is correct?


Hi Mike,  Jim is correct.  Either site is acceptable. 

Currently Styckyd.com is only setup for Autoslalom events, the other disciplines are using DLBracing.com.  Therefore, we are maintaining two membership lists until things get sorted out.


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