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2010 Rocky Mountain Rally

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Well it was very unusual to see 6 - 12" of snow in the last days of May. The event held May 28/29 in the Rocky Mountains was one of the most lively events I've done so far. When the Rally Master says "The roads are VERY VERY SLIPPERY" that means that conditions are extreme, so I was extremely nervous going into this event. Unfortunately I ran out of skill pretty early, and went off close to the start of stage 2, and had to retire from the National event HOWEVER, under super rally rules, I was pulled out, and was able to rejoin the Regional event, which started a couple hours later. The car was in perfect condition, and we were ready to give it another go. I was very slow for the remainder of the first day, but on the second day, things picked-up in a big way, and I was able to put down some of the best competitive stage times to date. I use the Zedrils as a measuring stick, and on one stage I was 1 second behind them, and another I was only 7 seconds off. Unfortunately 1km from the finish line I went off again, again saved by trees from a 220m roll through trees down a cliff, but was pulled out again and managed to get back to service and officially finish the race. If I hadn't of gone off, we would have ended up 10th overall in the regional race, and second in my class right behind the Zedrils. Amazing event! Here is the link to the Photostream:http://www.flickr.com/photos/50795031@N06/

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