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Sign-Up for HPDE and Licensing School is open now!

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Have you ever wondered how it feels to drive on a race track? Would you like to see what you and your car are capable of without running into trouble with the law? Do you want to improve your driving skills under the guidance of experienced racers?

The Winnipeg Sports Car Club will once again facilitate a High Performance Driving Experience, combined with a Licensing School, at the beautiful Gimli Motorsport Park. The event will be held on May 1st  and May 2nd, meaning two full days at the track. It is an excellent opportunity to shake off the cobwebs of the winter, acquaint (or re-acquaint) yourself with your summer vehicle, and improve your driving skills. Participation in this Licensing School is also mandatory if you are thinking about obtaining a competition license to participate in races.

You can now sign up and reserve your spot for this event! It is limited to 40 entrants. Traditionally, the HPDE has filled up very quickly. While the WSCC will establish a waiting list for those who did not make it into the first 40, the only guarantee to be participating is to sign up early!


Please head over to Motorsportreg.com , establish a free account, and then enter "WSCC" into the search bar. The event will show up, and you can sign yourself up for that first weekend of May. You can also find the necessary links on this site:  HPDE & Race School 2021 | Winnipeg Sports Car Club® (since 1952) (wscc.mb.ca)



Please note: to participate in the HPDE/Licensing School you have to be (or become) a member of Winnipeg Sports Car Club. This can also be done at Motorsportreg.com.


Remember: You don't need a race car to participate; any vehicle in good mechanical condition will suffice. Convertibles need to have a factory hardtop installed, or need factory (or aftermarket) rollover protection. Please bring a vehicle that is wider than tall!


This is most likely the only HPDE / Licensing School that will be held in 2021. We suggest that you don't delay signing up. Let your friends know about it, as well. This is a great way of spending some time with like-minded people, acquiring and honing skills that can be used even during everyday driving scenarios.

We will see you at the track on the First of May!



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