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2021 licensing medical postponement request

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Hi All: I don't know how many of you must submit the doctor medical rather than self-assessment for your 2021 race licenses but due to the current Code Red in the Province of Manitoba ( and also Alberta), my Doctor is very reluctant to schedule what she calls a non-essential physical. I have not pushed the issue but I have included my letter to the WCMA director below. If  similar concerns, I would ask that you also send WCMA a note requesting a waiver or postponement. Thanks, Greg Eastwood, #1427.

Further to my email to you a week or so ago asking for a waiver or delay on doctor medical, I see the 2021 license application still requires a new medical. For many years, I have submitted full medicals with eye exams, last one dated December 21/19, less than a year old . I sent it in before last years form waiver. Now, we are in full lockdown in Manitoba, and I believe also in Alberta. My doctor is very reluctant to schedule me in at the moment for what she calls a non-essential service. 
Can I submit my forms , with self medical assessment, to get my 2021 license with the condition the doctor signed medical will be updated before June 30 or some other postponed date?
Thank you
Greg Eastwood
WSCC #1427
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