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Keeping E-Racing Fun!

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Thank you so much to Spencer, Ian and Peter. We all recognize how much work it takes to steer a project like this. I am excited to watch it grow over the next few years.  I’m attaching a message from the President and I with regards to the WSCC’s official position on E-Racing. Please recognize Spencer, Peter and Ian as the leaders of this group. We are confident they will make the proper decisions and keep this a fun and safe place to be. This message should be visible to all new participants and on all official documentation.

“This is not a sanctioned WSCC event. It is a recreational series that is being operated as an exhibition event only. 

It is a beta environment and as such terms and rules governing participation are subject to revision and change without notice. 

The goal is to have fun, learn from our experience, and potentially develop a sanctioned discipline based on lessons learned in this environment. “

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On 12/10/2020 at 6:50 PM, Ianfromduff said:

We do post races the next day with voiceover. 

Check out my other post in the forums

And it is a professional commentator that is almost sober the entire time while commenting. 


It does make the race!! 

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