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A general query, I picked up a 1990 Volvo 244 (NA) with a 5 speed manual transmission. Would it make a viable ice racer? They're decently lightweight 2800-2900 lbs before being gutted. I ask because I have one I got with another 244 in a packaged sale. I love the idea of using an old brick for racing. 

I've never done any wheel to wheel racing but it's something I want to work my way into, might be a few years in the future but might shape what I do with this car. 

Volvo 244 Manual.jpg

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Normally I would say your Volvo “brick” would potentially be a great ice racer however currently our Fire on Ice racing series does not have enough RWD cars to warrant its own group/class and everyone else is currently running FWD cars. 
A suggestion I would make would be for this year to bring it out to our events and run it in the streetcar class with the hotlapping sessions. This requires no special preparation to the car and allows you to get the same amount of track time as the caged cars. This will give you an opportunity to learn and practice your ice racing skills while you decide if it’s worth proceeding with preparing the car for door to door action. 
Feel free to post any additional questions you might have for others to chime in on as well. 


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I hadn't thought about that. I was at the open hot laps last winter with my Lancer (was so much fun!), this year I'll be attending with a recently purchased Subaru, the Volvo didn't quite get ready for safety this winter so maybe I'll get that out next winter. 

Thanks for the advice, looks like one day I'll have to consider adding a cheap FWD car to the lineup. Or buying one of the used racecars that pop up on the forum here. 

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